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The Best Fall Throw Blankets Under $30 (2024)

The best inexpensive Fall throw blankets to cozy up your living room this Autumn in orange, yellow, red, cream, and brown.

The Best Fall Blankets- All Under $30! photo of a stack of Fall throw blankets in orange and yellow

One of the easiest ways to decorate for Fall is to swap out some of the throw blankets & pillows on your couch & chairs. But how do you choose the right colors and patterns, and where can you find cozy Fall decor that won’t break the bank?

I know this can feel a bit daunting, so I’ve rounded up my favorite inexpensive Fall throw blankets for this season, and then I’ll show you how I would use them.

Fall Pillow Covers

Before we get to the Fall blankets, I want to mention that I love to use inexpensive throw pillow covers to switch out my seasonal decor. The best thing about these is they barely take up any storage space when not in use!

Cheap Fall Pillow Covers for 2023!

collage of fall pillow covers in orange, yellow, coral, and white

Fall Throw Blankets

orange fall throw blanket and two throw pillows on a sofa

Decorating for Fall is all about bringing in warm colors and layering cozy textures that make you want to cuddle up by the fire with a good book.

Fall throw blankets aren’t just for decoration- at least at my house they’re not! They need to be a bit heavier and softer than the ones I use for Summer, because they need to keep my feet warm!

Orange Throw Blankets

I personally love to use orange in my Fall decor, but it has to be the right orange. (think warm & spicy- not Home Depot bucket). Burnt orange, coral, and rust are big right now, and will combine beautifully with creams, browns, and mustard yellows!

orange throw blankets for fall with cable knit, woven, stripes, plaid, and other warm cozy textures

A. Rudong Knitted Throw Blanket With Fringe, from Amazon (pictured above on my couch)

B. Batillo Home Burnt Orange Throw Blanket, from Amazon

C. Smyrna Herringbone Turkish Throw Blanket in Orange, from Amazon

D. Farmhouse Woven Throw Blanket, from Amazon

E. Opalhouse Woven Shag Throw Blanket in Rust, from Target

F. Threshold Woven Linework Throw Blanket in Orange, from Target

G. Rust Orange Woven Throw Blanket, from Walmart

H. Soft Knitted Orange Throw Blanket, from Amazon

I. Bersuse Cotton Turkish Towel Blanket, from Amazon

Red Fall Throw Blankets

Red Fall Throw Blankets: collage of inexpensive red throw blankets for Fall with cozy plaid, knit, woven, cable knit, and chenille textures

A. Knitted Throw Blanket with Fringe, from Amazon

B. Acrylic Knitted Throw Blanket in Red, from Amazon

C. Acrylic Tartan Plaid Fall Blanket in Red, from Amazon

D. Red & White Fleece Houndstooth Blanket, from Amazon

E. Batillo Home Rust Red Throw, from Amazon

F. Batillo Home Rust Throw, from Amazon

G. Fleece Pompom Throw Blanket in Red, from Amazon

H. Cotton Turkish Towel Blanket in Red, from Amazon

I. Pavilia Knitted Throw Blanket with Fringe in Dark Red, from Amazon

Yellow Fall Blankets

I’m a sucker for mustard yellow (in small doses), and a cozy Autum throw blanket is the perfect place to bring in some Fall color. This color pairs beautifully with coral, rust, white, grey, and even brown. And yellow isn’t just for Fall. I love to use it for Spring and Summer too.

yellow throw blankets for Fall in mustard, white, yellow, and cream. The blankets have tassels, fringe, herringbone, and cozy textures

A. Pom Pom Fleece Throw Blanket in Mustard Yellow, from Walmart

B. Modern Farmhouse Fall Throw Blanket in Yellow, from Amazon

C. Batillo Home Cozy Yellow Throw Blanket, from Amazon

D. Acrylic Knitted Throw Blanket in Yellow, from Amazon

E. Diamond Woven Shag Throw Blanket in Gold, from Target

F. Soft Cotton Honeycomb Blanket in Yellow, from Walmart

G. Faux Cashmere Colorblock Fall Throw Blanket in Yellow, from Target

H. Oversized Plush Throw with Poms in Yellow, from Walmart

I. Threshold Chunky Knit Reversible Throw Blanket in Gold, from Target

Beige Fall Throw Blankets

Fall Throw Blankets in Beige: collage of Boho blankets with Tassels, chenille, knit, etc.

A. Threshold Cozy Feathery Knit Striped Blanket, from Target

B. Lavish Stone Plaid Oversized Throw Blanket, from Target

C. Modern Boho Fall Throw Blanket with Handmade Tassels, from Amazon

D. Design Imports Modern Farmhouse Plaid Throw Blanket, from Target

E. Ultra-Soft Quilted Boho Sofa Blanket in Beige, from Amazon

F. Project 62 Textured Reversible Faux Fur Throw Blanket, from Target

G. Lifein Knitted White Throw Blanket, from Amazon

H. Tasseled Color Block Woven Throw Blanket in Neutral, from Target

I. Threshold Dash Throw Blanket, from Target

Brown Fall Throw Blankets

Brown is starting to make a comeback as a go-to neutral in home decor. Check out these cozy and fabulous Boho blankets:

Brown Fall Throw Blankets: collage of Fall blankets in brown with modern Boho designs

A. Modern Farmhouse Plaid Fall Throw Blanket in Brown, from Amazon

B. Boho Knit Throw Blanket with Tassels, from Amazon

C. Boho Knit Throw Blanket with Tassels, from Amazon

D. Threshold Knit Throw Blanket with Tassels in Brown, from Target

E. Cable Knit Brown Throw Blanket for Couch, from Amazon

F. Dark Brown Cozy Throw Blanket, from Amazon

G. Color Block Faux Cashmere Throw Blanket in Brown, from Target

H. Brown Plaid Throw Blanket, from Walmart

Colorful Fall Throw Blankets

Colorful Fall Throw Blankets: collage of multi colored blankets for Fall

A. Boho Knitted Navajo Throw Blanket, from Amazon

B. Space Dyed Woven Throw Blanket with Tassels, from Target

C. Colorful Bohemian Striped Throw Blanket for Fall, from Amazon

D. Handmade Boho Striped Blanket, from Amazon

E. Vintage Fluffy Plaid Fall Blanket, from Amazon

F. Cozy Striped Fleece Throw Blanket, from Amazon

G. Geometric Chunky Knit Throw Blanket, from Target

H. Colorful Boho Striped Braided Tassel Blanket, from Target

I. Orange Plaid Throw, from Amazon

J. Oversized Sherpa Throw Blanket, from Target

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