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Cheap Modern Throw Pillow Covers for Fall 2021!

These modern throw pillow covers for Fall are the perfect thing to bring some warmth and style to your living room this season!

Fall Throw Pillow Covers Under $20 white, grey, yellow, orange, and navy throw pillows on a white background

What does Fall make you think of? For me, it’s cozy throw pillows, of course! More specifically, cozy colorful, textured throw pillows and blankets, a good book, a fire, and a cup of chai tea.

Fall throw pillows and an orange throw blanket on a sofa

So each Fall, I scour Amazon for the best deals on stylish modern throw pillow covers. You won’t find any cute sayings or wagons full of pumpkins here, but you will find loads of cozy texture, warm spicy colors, and patterns that will bring the modern feel you’re looking for!

And they’ve upped their game with more great Boho finds this year too! Bring on the tassels, pom poms, and macrame! The best part? They’re all under $15 each- most of them less than $10! Happy shopping!

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Why Use Throw Pillow Covers?

Why throw pillow covers, you ask? Because this girl has a small throw pillow problem and I don’t have the closet space to store mountains of off-season pillows. Do you? Didn’t think so.

Removable throw pillow covers are perfect because I can change them out on a whim and the whole collection (it’s a big collection, okay?) fits into a small basket in my linen closet. They’re also easy to throw in the washing machine (with Woolite and the delicate cycle, of course) when Fozzy jumps on the couch with muddy paws.

I especially like the quality of Slow Cow embroidered throw pillow covers. I have a few of them around my house and they are awesome! You’ll see this brand several times in the listings below.

Neutral Fall Throw Pillow Covers

The keys to great throw pillow combos are color+pattern+texture. And for Fall, we’re looking for cozy warm texture. So I like to start with a few neutrals (which you can use year-round) and build in some color after that. Here are some of my favorite white, cream, and grey covers.

A. Slow Cow Embroidered Lumbar Pillow Cover

B. Folkulture Boho Macrame Throw Pillow Cover Set of 2

C. Blue Page Boho Pillow Cover with Tassels in Natural

D. Top Finel Square Pom Pom Throw Pillow Covers

E. Woven Nook Tribal Pillow Cover in 20″x20″

F. Ashler Courderoy Throw Pillow Covers in White

G. Woven Nook Lumbar Pillow Cover

H. Boho Tassel Throw Pillow Cover in White

I. Boho Polka Dot Throw Pillow Cover in Cream

J. Woven Virtues Handwoven Bohemian Throw Pillow Cover

K. Nordeco Soft Square White Pillow Covers

L. Soft White Throw Pillow Covers in White

M. Hofdeco African Mudcloth Throw Pillow Cover in Cream

N. Miulee Decorative Throw Pillow Covers in White

Orange Throw Pillow Covers for Fall

Don’t be scared of a little orange! I love to add some orange throw pillow covers to my Fall decor. It doesn’t quite feel like Fall without it! The key is choosing the RIGHT orange, and balancing it with neutrals and other colors.

A. JWH Flower Throw Pillow Cover in Orange

B. Orange Boho Knitted Throw Pillow Cover

C. Orange Velvet Lumbar Pillow Covers

D. Hofdeco African Mudcloth Pillow Cover in Orange

E. Aztec Print Throw Pillow Cover in Orange

F. Embroidered Mandala Pillow Cover

G. Decorative Embroidered Boho Throw Pillow Cover

Coral Throw Pillow Covers

I’m adding coral to the mix this year because I just couldn’t resist.

A. WAHOPE set of 2 Feather Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers in Coral

B. RAJRANG Boho Throw Pillow Cover in Coral

C. Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover in Coral

D. MADELA Printed & Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover

E. Patina Vie Geometric Boho Throw Pillow Cover in Pink

F. Embroidered Cotton Pillow Covers in Coral

G. Bohemian Sofa Pillow Cover in Coral

Yellow Throw Pillow Covers

And these days I’m loving some small pops of mustard yellow too, and not just for Fall!

collage of yellow throw pillow covers from Amazon, numbered A-H

A. Hofdeco African Mudcloth Lumbar Pillow Cover in Mustard

B. Slow Cow Embroidered Pillow Cover in Yellow

C. Plush Velvet Throw Pillow Cover in Yellow

D. Lahome Boho Striped Throw Pillow in Mustard Yellow

E. Slow Cow Embroidered Pillow Cover in Yellow

F. iHogar Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover in Mustard Yellow Velvet

G. Boho Moroccan Style Pillow Cover in Yellow

H. Alisan Stripe Boho Throw Pillow Cover in Yellow

modern Boho throw pillow covers from Amazon in yellow and white

I. Cotton Weave Boho Throw Pillow Cover in Yellow

J. Miulee Fall Throw Pillow Covers in Yellow

K. HWY 50 Yellow Sunflower Embroidered Pillows

L. ANA Home Decor Mandala Pillow Cover in Yellow

M. Mido House Boho Knitted Throw Pillow Cover with Tassels

N. ANA Home Decor Boho Pillow in Yellow

O. Plush Short Wool Pillow Covers in Mustard

Navy Blue Throw Pillow Covers

I know navy blue isn’t traditionally a Fall color, but it’s a neutral that pairs beautifully with orange and yellow. And it can work for any season! I actually had to cut my list in half because I have too many that I love. I will share the rest in another post. But here are my current favs…

Navy Throw Pillow Covers: modern navy blue and white patterned throw pillows on a white background, numbered 31-43

31. Slow Cow Cotton Linen Cushion Cover

32. TreeWool Decorative Square Throw Pillows Set

33. CaliTIme Southwest Geometric Bolster Pillow Cover

34. Acelive Navy Mudcloth Pillow Cover

35. MIULEE Decorative Throw Cover

36. Blue Page Cotton Embroidery Cushion Cover

37. Aitliving Embroidered Empire Geometric Throw Cover

38. Slow Cow Cotton Embroidered Navy Pillow Cover

39. Aimeer Home Decorative Canvas Cushion Cover

40. Slow Cow Embroidered Navy Cotton Throw Cover

41. Muilee Textured Chenille Navy Pillow Covers

42. Home Brilliant Decor Corduroy Chenille Throw Covers in Navy

43. Hofdeco African Mudcloth Lumbar Pillow Cover in Navy

40 Modern Throw Pillow Covers for Fall: yellow, orange, white, and navy throw pillows on a white background

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