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20-Minute DIY Fire Pit

Build this ultra-easy and inexpensive DIY fire pit in your backyard in 20 minutes or less, using concrete blocks.

20 Minute Fire Pit fire burning in a backyard fire pit with chairs around it

Today I want to share an ultra-simple tutorial for a quick and easy DIY fire pit. The girls and I love roasting marshmallows, and our backyard was just begging for a fire pit. We’ve actually built this same pit at each of the three houses we’ve lived in, plus my parent’s beach house.

Backyard Fire Pit Location

I’m building this fire pit on a gravel patio, but you can also build one on a cement or paver patio or directly on grass, dirt, or sand. Just be aware that many cities and counties have regulations about the distance the fire pit needs to be from a house or other buildings, fences, and trees.


I think this may be my shortest supply and tool list ever!

DIY Fire Pit Materials: collage showing retaining wall blocks, work gloves, and a tape measure

A. trapezoid-shaped retaining wall bricks (I’m using 36 of these ones from Home Depot. I believe Lowes carries a similar product)

B. work gloves

C. tape measure


1. Find the center.

I want to leave space for a circle of chairs around the outside of the firepit.

photo of a gravel patio with an arrow showing the location where the new DIY fire pit will be built

2. Lay out the first ring.

The blocks I’m using are trapezoid-shaped and intended to make curved retaining walls. It takes 12 of these bricks to make a complete circle.

overhead view of three concrete blocks lines up to form the base of a DIY fire pit
the first few concrete bricks for the retaining wall lined up to begin forming a circle
retaining wall blocks arranged in a half circle to form the first layer for a DIY backyard firepit
overhead view of the first layer of concrete bricks laid out in a circle to make a DIY fire pit

3. Stagger the bricks for the second layer.

Place the first block so that it’s centered on top of one of the seams, and continue this so you have a classic brick pattern.

close-up of concrete blocks stacked two-high with arrows

Continue stacking the bricks for the entire second layer.

woman using gloved hands to place a concrete block on a DIY firepit

4. Stack the third layer.

close-up of the side of the finished DIY fire pit

And that’s it! Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

overhead view of a DIY fire pit with a fire burning in it
low light photo of two girls roasting marshmallows over a DIY fire pit

Time to bust out the marshmallows & get roasting! These are our favorite fancy marshmallow roasting sticks from Amazon in case you need some to go with your new fire pit. Enjoy!

The Easiest Backyard Fire Pit: Build It in 20 Minutes! woman stacking retaining wall blocks to build a DIY fire pit

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