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100 Boho Outdoor Rugs Under $150 (2024)

These affordable Boho outdoor rugs will refresh your patio, deck or porch. Bring color and pattern to your outdoor space!

100 Modern Boho Outdoor Rugs Under $150!: collage of colorful outdoor rugs

Your outdoor space needs an outdoor rug!

An outdoor rug is a great way to pull together and define a seating area. It’s also great for covering an ugly deck or patio! I love how rugs have transformed my own patios and porch, and I know you will too! Here’s my recent patio makeover:

modern patio with glowing string lights, a Boho outdoor rug in black & white, and an outdoor dining table

The truth is most of us don’t want to drop $500 on a nice outdoor rug, since it’s going to be outside and exposed to the elements. So I’ve rounded up some gorgeous and inexpensive picks for Summer 2024 that I know you’re going to love!

Whether you have a giant poolside cabana or a tiny apartment balcony to furnish, you’ll find plenty of chic options in the list below. And I’ve organized them by color for your shopping convenience.

As with any seasonal items, it’s best to jump on them early in the season. The cool rugs in popular sizes often sell out and that’s it. But as of this writing (April 2024) these ones are all available to order online. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive indoor rug, check out this post.

What’s the difference between an indoor rug and an outdoor rug?

The main difference is in the materials.

Indoor rugs are intended to be luxurious and soft underfoot. They’re often made of wool, cotton, sisal, jute, or polypropylene, and while they can handle the occasional sippy cup spill, they’re not really intended to get wet or sit out in the hot sun all day.

close-up of a white and grey indoor area rug, showing the pile texture

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the elements- specifically sun and rain, so they tend to be tougher and not as soft. They’re usually made from synthetic fibers such as woven polypropylene, polyester, and even woven plastic straws. Outdoor rugs also tend to cost less than their indoor counterparts.

close up of a beige outdoor rug showing the flatwoven texture

This outdoor rug replicates the look of natural fibers like jute or sisal, but it’s actually made of polypropylene and polyester. The natural fibers would quickly grow mildew in my damp climate, but the synthetic ones will hold up much better.

photo of the label on the back of an outdoor rug showing the materials: 90% polypropylene, 10% polyester

These days the distinction between indoor and outdoor rugs is getting fuzzier, and you’ll notice that many of the options below are considered “indoor/outdoor”. While I wouldn’t suggest using a woven plastic rug in your living room, there are many indoor/outdoor rugs that would look great there.

In addition to outdoor spaces like decks, patios, balconies and porches, indoor-outdoor rugs are great for sun rooms, enclosed porches, garages, pool houses, etc. because their lightweight construction and synthetic fibers are designed to dry quickly and resist UV rays.

Outdoor Rug Care

For most climates, I would recommend rolling up your outdoor rugs during the cooler/wetter months and storing them in a garage or garden shed. This will help prevent mildew and keep them from getting really filthy.

black and white plastic outdoor rug rolled up for storage

Outdoor Rugs Size Guide

As outdoor area rugs gained popularity over the past several years, I’m seeing popular retailers carry them in a wider variety of sizes and shapes.

Standard Outdoor Rug Sizes

Rectangular Outdoor Rugs Size Guide: chart showing standard patio rug sizes including 4x6, 5x7, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, and 10x13
Round Outdoor Rugs Size Guide: chart showing round rug sizes from 3' round to 12' round

If you’re not sure which size rug you need for your outdoor living space, check out How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Deck or Patio. In this article I go into much greater detail about arranging outdoor furniture and finding the right patio rug size to go with it.

Plastic Outdoor Rugs

These patio rugs are made of little tubes of recycled plastic woven together, but they still feel soft on your bare feet. I’ve had one in my gazebo and another in the playhouse for four summers now, and they’re still in great shape!

Modern Boho porch with two macrame swings, glowing string lights, and a modern boho outdoor rug
close-up of a black & white plastic outdoor rug showing the woven plastic straws and the binding on the edge

In fact, I love plastic outdoor rugs so much that I wrote a separate post about them! Check it out below:

Complete Guide to Plastic Outdoor Rugs

There’s no absorbing dirt (or chalk, or ketchup!) so they can just be rinsed off with the garden hose if they get dirty. I highly recommend this style if it’s likely to get dirty!

We have this blue Fab Habitat Seville rug in the playhouse, and I love it!

These affordable waterproof outdoor rugs are perfect for your porch, patio, and deck. They'll liven up your outdoor living space with beautiful color and patterns!

Boho Outdoor Living Room Ideas

If you need some help pulling all the elements together for your outdoor living space, I’ve put together several shoppable outdoor living rooms and small patio dining spaces, complete with outdoor rugs, throw pillow combinations, and patio furniture to help you visualize your own space. Click the images below to shop each space:

Modern Colorful Outdoor Rugs

In order to make this list, the rugs had to meet the following criteria: modern and stylish, highly rated, available to purchase online, and available in size 8×10 for $150 or less.

Most of them are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and even shapes, so if you see a pattern you like in the wrong color or shape, it’s worth following the link to check for more options.

Black & White

I’ve always loved the bold look of a good black and white pattern. The one thing I would warn you about is that a mostly white rug is going to get dingy unless it’s one of these woven plastic outdoor rugs I mentioned above. Just something to keep in mind.

I’m loving this black & white outdoor rug from Fab Habitat that I added to my back patio last year!

patio with an outdoor dining table and a woven plastic outdoor rug from Fab Habitat
Black & White Outdoor Rugs: collage of 10 different Boho outdoor rugs in black & white with modern tribal and geometric patterns

A. Jacoby Indoor/ Outdoor Rug in Ivory, from Wayfair

B. Fab Habitat Kilimanjaro Plastic Outdoor Rug, from Amazon (This is the rug under my outdoor dining table in the photo above.)

C. Umbria Woven Indoor Outdoor Rug in Charcoal, from Wayfair

D. Black & White Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

E. Mod Desert Outdoor Rug in Black, from Target

F. Tribal Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Black & White, from Walmart

G. Sicily Power Loomed Charcoal Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

H. Ivy Trellis Outdoor Area Rug in Black & White, from Rugs USA

I. Black & White Striped Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

J. Fab Habitat Woven Plastic Aztec Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

For even more fabulous black and white outdoor rugs, check out this post:

The Best Black & White Outdoor Rugs for 2024!

collage of black & white outdoor rugs


porch swings with a grey Boho outdoor rug

Grey patio rugs can be a great neutral backdrop for your outdoor living space, especially if you already have a lot going on visually with colors and patterns.

I wanted to keep my front porch fairly neutral to go with the front of the house, so I chose this grey and white Boho rug from Target, and I absolutely love it!

Grey Outdoor Rugs: collage of 8 different Boho outdoor area rugs in gray and white

A. Fab Habitat Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

B. Project 62 Tasseled Charcoal Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Target

C. 5′ Round Grey Medallion Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

D. Geometric Grey Indoor/ Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

E. Grey Medallion Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

F. Malibu Pineapple Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, from Wayfair

G. Alvis Machine Woven Tribal Outdoor Rug in Gray, from Wayfair

H. Geometric Moroccan Patio Rug in Charcoal, from Walmart

Neutral & Beige

Like grey, a beige outdoor rug can serve as a great neutral backdrop. This is especially true when you have a lot of other colors competing for attention, like in the outdoor living room below (Target outdoor rug in beige). Check out this post to shop this look and other Boho outdoor living room ideas.

colorful outdoor living room with a beige outdoor rug
Neutral Outdoor Rugs: collage of 8 modern Boho patio rugs in beige and brown

A. Threshold Tapestry Outdoor Rug, from Target

B. Mod Outdoor Rug in Beige, from Target

C. Beige Medallion Area Rug, from Walmart

D. Neutral Moroccan Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Rugs USA

E. Outdoor Flatweave Totem Rug, from Rugs USA

F. NuLoom Tribal Indoor/ Outdoor Area Rug in Beige, from Walmart

G. Tommy Bahama Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Target

H. Round Machine Woven Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair


Navy outdoor rugs: collection of 10 Boho patio rugs in navy blue and white

A. Fab Habitat Waterproof Outdoor Rug in Navy, from Amazon

B. Round Modern Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug in Navy, from Walmart

C. Machine Woven Patio Rug in Navy & Grey, from Wayfair

D. Floral Outdoor Rug in Navy, from Amazon

E. Navy Fish Rug, from Wayfair (We have this fun rug in my parents’ beach house bunk room and absolutely love it!)

F. Power Loomed Navy Boho Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

G. Navy Medallion Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

H. Threshold Ikat Patio Rug in Blue, from Target

I. Navy Blue Banded Tribal Outdoor Area Rug, from Rugs USA

J. Contemporary Geometric Navy Rug, from Walmart


backyard patio with glowing string lights, an outdoor dining table, and a blue outdoor rug

A. Blue Floral Boho Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

B. Transitional Geometric Indoor-Outdoor Patio Rug, from Wayfair

C. Tonal Blue Diamond Outdoor Area Rug, from Walmart

D. Tommy Bahama Blue & White Malibu Pineapple Rug, from Wayfair

E. Threshold Filigree Rug in Blue, from Target

F. Blue Medallion Outdoor Rug, from Target

G. Moroccan Trellis Bohemian Indoor Outdoor Rug in Blue, from Wayfair

H. Threshold Diamond Tassel Outdoor Rug, from Target

I. Blue Oriental Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

J. Blue Palm Leaves Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

Aqua & Teal

I’ve always gravitated toward aqua and teal- especially for Summer decor! We love this plastic woven outdoor rug from Fab Habitat in the girls’ playhouse!

kids' playhouse with an aqua outdoor rug from Fab Habitat

And I recently used this rug on a client’s deck, and they love it!

modern deck outdoor living space with an outdoor sofa and blue outdoor rug

A. Green Blue Moroccan Diamond Indoor/ Outdoor Rug, from Rugs USA (I used this fabulous rug on a client’s deck in the photo above.)

B. Opalhouse Ombre Tasseled Outdoor Rug in Teal, from Target

C. Tribal Symbols Outdoor Rug in Aqua, from Walmart

D. Fab Habitat Plastic Outdoor Rug in Teal, from Amazon

E. Seville Recycled Plastic Rio Mat, from Amazon (This is the rug in my girls’ playhouse in the photo above.)

F. Fab Habitat Waterproof Patio Rug in Turquoise & Moss Green, from Amazon

G. Opalhouse Arizona Aqua Patio Rug, from Target

H. Machine Woven Tile Pattern Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

I. Geometric Teal Reversible Rug, from Amazon

J. NuLOOM Braided Ombre Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Walmart


modern outdoor living room with a green outdoor rug and colorful pillows
Green Outdoor Rugs: collage of 9 indoor outdoor rugs in green

A. Round Reversible Plastic Area Rug, from Amazon

B. Palms Tufted Floral Outdoor Rug in Green & Beige, from Walmart

C. Project 62 Mod Desert Patio Rug in Green, from Target

D. Outdoor Flatweave Rug in Aztec Green, from Walmart

E. Green Pineapple Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

F. Geometric Indoor-Outdoor Rug in Green, from Target

G. Modern Striped Patio Rug in Green, from Amazon

H. Geometric Tribal Patio Rug in Green, from Wayfair

I. Green Palm Leaves Rio Mat, from World Market


Yellow Outdoor Rugs: collage of 9 modern Yellow patio rugs

A. Indoor Outdoor Gold Stripe Area Rug, from Overstock

B. Modern Geometric Patio Rug in Yellow, from Wayfair

C. Yellow Honeycomb Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

D. Bohemian Medallion Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Target

E. Yellow Striped Arrow Outdoor Camping Mat, from Amazon

F. Machine Woven Indoor Outdoor Rug in Yellow, from Wayfair

G. Tribal Bohemian Indoor-Outdoor Rug in Yellow, from Wayfair

H. Round Solid Outdoor Area Rug in Sunburst, from Target

I. Yellow Sunrise Reversible Indoor-Outdoor Rio Mat, from World Market

Orange & Rust

Orange & Rust Outdoor Rugs: collage of 10 Boho outdoor rugs in orange and rust

A. Machine Woven Geometric Indoor Outdoor Rug in Rust, from Wayfair

B. Boho Diamond Patio Rug in Coral & Cream, from Wayfair

C. Luna Reversible Rio Mat in Rust, from World Market

D. Orange Flatweave Nordic Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

E. Sun & Shade Outdoor Area Rug in Coral, from Target

F. Rust Symbols Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Rugs USA

G. Project 62 Staggered Block Patio Rug in Orange, from Target

H. Tropical Flora Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Tangerine, from Walmart

I. Tribal Waterproof Outdoor Rug in Rust & Red, from Overstock

J. Fab Habitat Recycled Plastic Rug, from Amazon


Red Outdoor Rugs: collection of 8 modern Boho outdoor rugs in red

A. Red Retro Aztec Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, from Rugs USA

B. Southwest Plastic Patio Rug in Red, from Etsy

C. Outdoor Octagon Aztec Rug in Rust, from

D. Waverly Sun & Shade Geometric Area Rug, from Overstock

E. Machine Loomed Oriental Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

F. Round Loomed Polypropylene Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

G. Red Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, from Overstock

H. Red Sunflower Waterproof Outdoor Rug, from Overstock


Pink Outdoor Rugs: collage of 8 modern Boho outdoor area rugs in pink, coral, and fuchsia

A. Safavieh Geometric Trellis Patio Rug in Pink, from Walmart

B. Jambi Ikat Rug in Magenta, from Wayfair

C. Power Loomed Rose & White Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

D. Round Floral Patio Rug in Fuchsia, from Overstock

E. Square Bohemian Medallion Outdoor Area Rug in Fuchsia, from Target

F. Woven Geometric Patio Rug in Pink, from Wayfair

G. Mixed Pile Bohemian Outdoor Rug in Pink & Orange, from Overstock

H. Geometric Tribal Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Pink, from Wayfair


Colorful Outdoor Rugs

I hope this gives you some great ideas!

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  1. LOVE these rugs, Jessica! Give me all the aqua and blues! However, I’m rethinking my aqua rug in my living room. I think I may need a more neutral rug, so I can play with more pops or color!

  2. I am so happy I came across this article! We are having the deck stained this week and I’m on the search for a new outdoor carpet. Thanks for the breakdown! I’m with Julie, I lean towards the blues but am trying to keep my mind open.

    1. Hi Pamela! Yeah I’m always drawn to blues too. I’m pushing toward black and white this year, but worried about a rug with too much white getting dirty. So many options!

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