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Easy Painted Chalkboard Labels!

Easy DIY Chalkboard Labels: black chalkboard labels on an outdoor tabletop, image of baskets of laundry with chalkboard labels

I recently re-organized my pantry, and we did a laundry room renovation a few months ago. I needed mini signs to finish up both projects, and these painted chalkboard labels were just the thing! I’ve tried a few different types of labels in my pantry, but none of them have stuck for very long. That’s why I’m busting out the Crazy Glue this time! 

I picked up some inexpensive balsa wood pieces, a couple of bottles of chalkboard paint, and a chalk pen at Michael’s. Plus a few more things (see below).


photo of supplies for painted chalkboard labels
photo of Krazy Glue tube


paint tray

chalkboard paint

wood pieces and/or wood signs (look in the wood craft section of any craft store)

chalk pen or white paint pen

garbage bag or something to use as a drop cloth

Krazy Glue (Gorilla Glue or Superglue would probably work too)

mini cable ties (optional)

  1. Paint the Signs. For mine, I chose the smoothest side and I only painted one side, plus the edges. No one will see the backs!
    photo of chalkboard labels drying
  2. Let them Dry & Re-coat.
  3. Write Labels. Once your paint is good and dry, you can write your labels with a chalk pen. If you don’t see yourself changing the labels in the future, you may choose to use a white paint pen instead.
    photo of mini chalkboard labels
    photo of mini chalkboard label signs
  4. Attach labels to baskets. Now that your labels are finished, it’s time to attach them. I want mine to last, so I’m using Crazy Glue. Be careful with this stuff- I have definitely glued my fingers together more than once! 
    photo of wood round with glue on back
    I was surprised at how long I had to hold the labels on the baskets before the glue stuck. It was probably about 2 min for each one. So I got out my Kindle and did some reading! Well worth it though, because now they’re not going anywhere!
    photo of pantry basket with chalkboard labelphoto of laundry room with painted chalkboard labels
  5. Adhere labels to shelves. In order to attach the labels to the wire shelving in my pantry (since I will probably need to remove it someday), I first used a mini cable tie. I wrapped it around two of the vertical wires on the edge of the shelf.
    photo of chalkboard label in pantryphoto of wire tie
    Then I snipped of the excess cable tie, and applied crazy glue to the front face of the tie.
    photo of hand applying crazy glue to cable tie
    Next I stuck the label to the cable tie and held it tight for 2 minutes or so. 
    photo of hand holding chalkboard sign in place
    And there you have it! You can check out my pantry organization guide HERE!
    photo of organized pantry with chalkboard labels
Make Your Own Chalkboard Labels, image of black chalkboard labels with "darks", "towels", "delicates"

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  1. These are so cute! Such a fun and creative idea! I have to make these for my kitchen to help organize!

    1. Thank you! It makes a big difference to have labels- and I’m hoping now that one of my kids can read, people might start putting things back!

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