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Easy DIY Magnetic Spice Rack!

Make this awesome magnetic spice rack to hold as many spices as you want! It’s a quick and easy DIY project.

Easy DIY Spice Rack: magnetic spice rack with metal spice tins

overflowing bin of spices

We received a counter-top spice rack as a wedding gift. It was great for a little while, but it only held 16 different spices. At first, I started buying more bottles that would fit in it and changing them out seasonally.

Eventually, I just shoved things into this lovely spice bin. But when we moved to our current house I was dazzled by all the kitchen space.

I wanted an attractive, easily-accessible spice rack that would hold all my spices in one place. And this girl’s got a lot of spices!

So I made this super-easy magnetic spice rack. The best thing about it is it holds 36 spices (almost as many as I have)!

You can adjust yours to hold as few or as many spices as you need. I recommend having room for a few extras. You never know when you’ll discover an amazing new spice rub!

How to Make A Magnetic Spice Rack


materials to make a DIY spice rack: metal plate, magnetic spice jars, chalkboard paint, small paintbrush, and white paint pen

A. Spice Tin Wall Base (to mount to wall)

B. Magnetic Spice jars (I have about 42).  These ones are the perfect size- just big enough to hold the contents of a standard 2- or 3- oz. spice jar. Whichever tins you choose, be sure to look at the diameter and ensure you will be able to fit the number of tins you want on your rack.

C. Chalkboard Paint

D. Small Paint Brush

E. While Paint Pen

wall anchors

screw driver

Magnetic Spice Jars

I removed the lids, and made a little template so I could paint just 1/2 of the clear window with chalkboard paint.

photo of someone painting a magnetic spice jar lid with chalkboard paint
photo of hands painting a spice jar lid

I wanted enough room to write, but also to see the colorful spices inside!

magnetic spice tin lids with black chalkboard paint drying

They may need two coats. Let them dry for a few hours, and then you can write labels on them, either with a chalk pen or paint pen.

photo of spices in tins

Meanwhile, fill all your spice jars. If your lids are still drying, be sure to label them with post-its so nothing gets mixed up! This isn’t somewhere you want surprises later:)

Like I said, I have a lot of spices… and now my lovely Indian neighbors are teaching me to make Indian food… so even more spices!

Magnetic Spice Rack

The first time we did this, we used a steel plate from Home Depot. It quickly rusted when it came in contact with the spices and kitchen humidity, so we just replaced it with this new 12″x24″ magnetic stainless steel plate.

There are other sizes available if you need a different number of tins. Just remember that not all stainless steel is magnetic!

The new spice rack base came with pre-drilled holes, so we put it where we wanted it, marked the holes on the wall with a sharpie, and installed wall anchors.

photo of stainless steel backsplash with anchor

Then we drilled the screws into the anchors.

photo of magnetic spice rack

The strange-looking lines in the photo are from the under-counter LED lights. This won’t show up once the project is finished.

photo of magnetic spice rack

Finally, I alphabetized and lined up all my beautiful spices!

photo of magnetic spice rack with tins
photo of magnetic spice rack with tins

The girls like to put cinnamon in their applesauce, and I want to be really sure that cinnamon doesn’t get mistaken for cayenne pepper.

photo of magnetic spice rack with cinnamon tin

As you can see, this fits perfectly along the back splash (standard distance between counter tops and upper cabinets is 18″, but as always MEASURE).

large DIY spice rack with magnetic spice jars

Organize your Spices! Collage of 2 images- tops is a plastic bin full of messy spices and bottom is a giant magnetic spice rack with 36 organized spices

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  1. This is such a brilliant idea! I have very little counter and cabinet space and my spices just end up in a mess all over the place. I’m going to try this, thank you!

    1. Thanks Emily! You can also stick these tins to the fridge or a magnetic knife strip if you want fewer spices- or I’ve even seen people stick them to a metal range hood!

  2. This is so clever and I love the way it looks. It’s homemade but stylish and must make it much easier to find the spice you need instead of rummaging around all of the pots in the cupboard like me!

  3. Such a great idea. I have an old cabinet and wanted to turn it that way. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. This is a really clever idea! I think it would be perfect for us if I didn’t have kids who would try to get at it. Maybe in a few years lol.

  5. This looks so helpful – we have too many spices to keep track of and it would help me to have a bit more of organization.

  6. I had these same containers once and I loved it! it was so great and I had so many spices! Except I just wrote the names in sharpie on the side, of course it never stuck and was hard to read but the chalk idea is fabulous and so chique!

  7. This is such a great idea. I laughed out loud when I saw the pic of your spice basket. I no longer feel alone. I have a spice drawer that is out of control and need to do this project!

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