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How to Design a Kid-Friendly Home

You CAN have a beautiful home with kids! I promise it’s doable- you just have to make your design decisions with them in mind!

As I was sitting down to write this post, my five-year-old asked if I would join her dance party- and of course, that’s hard to say no to.

So we’ve got “Can’t Stop the Feelin'” blaring and we’re twirling around the living room, when Zoe, our lab-mix, decides to join in. 

So she’s barking and spinning in circles chasing her tail…If this scene had taken place a few years ago, the next thing would have been a CRASH! as the end table and lamp fell over.

But I’ve learned a few things about family-friendly furniture and accessories over the years. On the one hand, I want my home to look nice and feel grown-up, but on the other, I need surfaces that I can clean pee off of, and forgiving fabrics that hide dirt and wash well.

And I’ve made my share of mistakes over the years… like the cream-colored sofa and club chair I bought before kids!

My goal- when working on my own home and for clients, is always to create a space where people can live, relax, cook, and do their thing, without having to worry about the stuff in the room. Or the people.

If you have kids, you know there’s no such thing as a care-free life. But thoughtful home design can go a long way toward freeing up your time and headspace for fun time together.

The good news is, the furniture and home finish industries have come a long way in developing fabrics, flooring, rugs, paint, etc. that can stand up to some tough love. You just have to know where to look- and what you’re looking for!

I’ve put together a list of my top ten secrets to making your home kid-friendly. I use these strategies in my own home and for clients, and today I’m going to share them with you!

10 Tips to Design a Kid-Friendly Living Room, three children jumping on a sectional sofa

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