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Make Your Own Easy Throw Pillow Covers!

I like to change out my living room decor a bit with the seasons… which of course means I need a lot of throw pillows. Anyone with me??? Unfortunately, it seems that Peter, and most husbands in general, don’t understand the value of seasonal throw pillows, and would like their closet space back. The solution? Throw pillow covers!

photo of Fall DIY throw pillow covers

Today I’m going to show you how to make super-easy throw pillow covers. All you need are some very basic sewing skills and a few tools, and less than an hour. This makes the difference between a closet full of pillows and one basket in the linen closet. All your marriage problems solved!

Quick disclaimer before we get started: This is my first sewing tutorial. I’m not a perfection sewer- more of a quick means to an end girl. So I rarely use patterns and I do some figuring out as I go. If that’s going to drive you nuts, I won’t be offended if you want to search elsewhere for your throw pillow lessons:) Also, E is helping me out today, so if you see little hands in some of the pics, that’s why.

here’s what you’ll need:

photo of sewing supplies for easy throw pillow covers


photo of sewing pins


  1. Wash your fabric (if it’s washable). I almost always wash fabric before a sewing project. If it’s going to shrink, I want it to shrink before I cut and sew it- not after! It will likely need to be ironed afterward.
photo of iron and DIY throw pillow cover

2. Lay out your fabric on a flat surface, folding it almost in half, so that one side is about 2″ longer than the other. Lay the pillow form on top of it, lining up the sides with the edges of the fabric.

photo of fabric for DIY throw pillow covers

3. Cut it out.

4. Turn the fabric inside-out, so the right sides (good sides you want on the outside of your pillow eventually) are together. Line up the edges, leaving the 2″ on one end (which will become the closure flap.) Pin along the left and right edges (perpendicular to the fold.)

photo of DIY throw pillow cover

6. Sew along the two pinned edges, leaving a standard 5/8″ seam allowance.

photo of sewing DIY throw pillow cover

7. Turn the case right-side out and try it on your pillow form. You’re checking to see how well the cover fits. You’ll want a good snug fit.

photo of DIY throw pillow cover
photo of DIY throw pillow cover

I actually got this one just about right on my first try. If it’s too snug, get out that seam ripper and re-sew your seams a little closer to the edges of the fabric. If your case is too big, sew a new seam on one of the sides in 1/2″, 1″, or more in from your previous seam.

8. Turn the case back inside-out. Fold, iron and pin about 1/2″ on the short side of the opening. My fabric was finished on one edge, so I only folded it once. If you have a raw edge, fold it over a 2nd time to make a nice clean edge.

photo of diy throw pillow cover

9. Turn the case back right-side-out, and fold a small 1/2″ of the closure flap over.  Use the sewing guage to be sure your fold is the same size all the way along. Iron it in place.

photo of DIY throw pillow cover

9. Fold it over once more, iron, and pin it.

10. Sew along both sides of the case opening

photo of sewing DIY throw pillow cover

11. Put the pillow inside the cover and arrange the Vel-Cro pieces. The longer edge is going to tuck under the shorter one. Cut your Vel-Cro in two long strips, and arrange and pin the pieces so that when closed, they will line up.

photo of easy DIY throw pillow cover

12. Sew the Vel-Cro on.

13. Put the cover on, and voila!

photo of easy DIY throw pillow cover
photo of Easy DIY throw pillow covers

Now that you know how to make your own throw pillow covers, you can customize them any way you like! Add big buttons, stripes of ribbon, whatever you like. Style them with other patterns and textures to create a beautiful layered look! Need some throw pillow inspiration for Fall? Check out THIS POST!

photo of Easy throw pillow covers

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  1. Wow! They turned out beautiful. You are not alone on having a gazzilion throw pillows. Hubs will never get it. You made the sewing look easy! I have two sewing machines in the garage packing dust, maybe I should try🤔

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