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Playhouse Makeover!

Come see our renovated playhouse! This is such a fun backyard hideaway for the kids to play pretend. It’s even got a table and a reading nook!

A Super-Fun Playhouse Makeover

Several years ago some neighbors gave us their old Rainbow playhouse/swing set play structure.

Play House Before

The Remodel

We’ve moved the thing at least three times, and our current yard didn’t have a great flat spot for it. We had a hill in the corner of our yard that wasn’t very usable, so we decided to separate the playhouse and swing set. And somehow I talked my dad into renovating it for us (yes, I’m THAT person).  It was a pretty serious renovation- he extended the deck on both sides, built all new railings, and raised and re-oriented the roof.

Play House Progress

Now it faces the house, and not only looks cuter, but I can sort of see what’s going on up there from my kitchen window. Win all-around!

The kids were over the moon when it was finished. And so was I! My dad, of course, gets most of the credit for this one.

Take a look inside!

The girls are always hoping to get mail delivered to their mailbox, and we are now a neighborhood hot spot, for better or worse. Playhouse picnics are also a favorite! I painted and stained these fun IKEA FLISAT stools to go with the table (also built by my dad).

image of interior of playhouse with curtains, string lights, and mini table and stools

I found this great Fab Habitat outdoor rug on amazon. It’s made of woven plastic tubes, so it can just be hosed off if it gets dirty. For more, check out my post: 13 Outdoor Area Rugs Under $150.

image of inside of playhouse with child reading in reading nook
image of playhouse with bookshelves and mini dining table and chairs.

These curtains are actually inexpensive fabric shower curtains from amazon! I just nail them up in the Spring. They’ve been up for three seasons now and they’re still going strong and amazingly still white. I use the same brand for my gazebo curtains, and they’re great!

image of inside of playhouse with mini dining table and flisat stools, bookshelf, and chalkboard

And I also love how it looks at night! One of these days we’re going to try glamping out there! You can check out my Outdoor Lighting 101 post as well!

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image of playhouse with string lights

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  1. Absolutely adorable! This has given me the modivation to change up my kiddos playhouse this spring. I love the idea of adding an outdoor rug and lights. Too cute!

  2. Oh My! That is super duper awesome playhouse. I am sure your children are enjoying it. When I grew up all I had were sticks and coconut shell to play with.

  3. This make over is so beautifully done! I wish I could be a kid again, and had a play house like this! This could be a very special place for any child. Thanks for sharing the post!

    1. Haha thank you! Yeah it’s really more for me than the kids… I mean I don’t spend a lot of time up there but I like to look at it from the window:)

        1. Thank you so much! You know, it doesn’t really get THAT dirty. The rug is made of woven plastic straws, so we hose it off at the end of the season. The curtains are shower curtains, so I take them down & run them through the washer at the end of the season, and I usually run the pillows through the wash too. Everything else is sweepable/wipeable, and sometimes I send the kids out with a tub of baby wipes to clean. But it’s really not that bad!

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