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10 Ikea Office Ideas

These 10 Ikea office ideas are perfect and budget-friendly solutions if you need to work from home, whether you have a large or small space!

10 Ikea Home Offices: collage of 4 different home offices featuring Ikea desk hacks, Skadis pegboard, Alex drawer Units, Kvissle file sorters, and more.

I’m on a home office kick, and since the kids needed a distance-learning space for school this year, I got to design and set up another Ikea office/ desk over the Summer.

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Why Ikea Office Furniture?

I often gravitate toward Ikea when I need office furniture. Why? It’s inexpensive, stylish, and modular. It’s also easy to make some tweaks to the Ikea pieces to make them fit your space perfectly.

Plus, I love that they make so many inexpensive storage pieces- from bookcases, to file cabinets, to pegboards.

I often end up supplementing with a few things from other retailers, but it usually starts with a few simple pieces from Ikea.

If you don’t have an Ikea near you, here’s a list of my favorite inexpensive desks for home offices. These are all available online in 2023!

1. My Ikea Corner Office

When I created this Ikea home office for my growing business, I never imagined how popular it would be. You can see more pictures and all the details of how we hacked it with just a few brackets from Home Depot below!

modern Ikea home office with large corner desks and Kallax bookshelf, with magazine files, Kvisssle paper sorters, and lots of indoor plants.

And here’s my comfy desk chair that I absolutely love! I’ve had it for almost 6 years now and it’s still going strong.

2. Long Ikea Alex Desk With Multiple Workstations

This one isn’t technically an office- I actually designed it to be a distance-learning desk for the kids, with a chair in the center for me.

But it would work just as well as a shared home office. By building an extra-long desk top to go with the Alex drawer units from Ikea, we were able to create a more custom look.

If it was going to have just two workstations, I would add a third Alex drawer unit in the center for a bit of added support.

You can see all the details of how we put this together and shop the space below.

long Ikea Alex desk with two Alex drawer units, Skadis pegboard storage, floating shelves, and indoor plants against a dark green accent wall

3. Closet Office

What should you do if you don’t have room for a workspace? Transform an under-used closet into a closet office or “cloffice.”

I gave this closet office a fun makeover a few months ago- back when we all thought we would just be quarantined for a few more weeks! Again you’ll see the Ikea Alex drawer unit. It’s my favorite piece of Ikea office furniture and I use it over and over!

Modern masculine office in a closet with Ikea Alex and Linmon, Kvissle wall file storage, and an Ikea desk chair

4. DIY Foating Desks

The desk itself isn’t from Ikea, but all the Kvissle and Skadis wall organizers are! If you just need a small workspace for a laptop or a child’s bedroom, this is a great space-saving and inexpensive DIY desk option to consider! You can see how we built it below.

child working at a small DIY floating desk made using plywood and metal brackets, with Ikea Skadis pegboard and Kvissle file storage on the wall

5. Ikea Alex Drawer Unit Makeover

Medina from Grillo Designs gave an Alex drawer unit from Ikea a super-chic modern makeover! Isn’t this so cool? Check out her post to see how she did it!

Ikea Alex desk hack with modern pattern

6. Ikea Alex Drawers With Fun New Legs!

My friend Stephanie, from Casa Watkins Living created this stunning office in her basement. It’s full of Ikea pieces, and I’m especially loving her Alex drawer unit hack!

Ikea Alex hack with new gold legs, a colorful rug, and a parrot painting above it.

6. Glam Ikea Office

I love the dramatic modern Ikea cabinetry in this office from Love Create Celebrate.

Ikea home office with black cabinetry, floating shelves, and a mermaid scale  tile wall


Sarah from Making Joy and Pretty Things did some amazing Ikea-hacking in this gorgeous home office space!

light green Ikea-hacked desk wall with built-in storage, bookshelf, and file cabinet.

8. Ikea-Hack Office Nook Under the Stairs

I love this creative small-space office nook under the stairs by Medina of Grillo Designs. It’s perfect for a kid’s or teen’s room or any tight space.

modern child's bedroom homework station or tiny office nook under the stairs, with wood wall accents and Ikea Alex desk hack

I hope this gives you some great ideas for your own workspace!

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  1. Lovin that long desk and the drawers with cute legs. The ideas are refreshing and this helps me in having a new perspective as to how to do my rearranging. Thanks a lot for this blog!

  2. Hi! In the image with the teal wall – what are those boards you had hanging up? They were able to hold little plants and cups and such. They seem great! I can’t seem to track them down anywhere. Thanks!

  3. Love all of these ideas! In office #2 with the teal walls and long desks, where did you get the shelves and brackets? Love them!

  4. I am setting up an office space for myself and 3 other employees. I love the L shaped desk & bookshelf divider! Brilliant! I would love to see the pictures of the underside of the desk where it’s connected please, the bracket info for HD, and maybe even a pic of where you added the extra leg for support.
    I’m so glad I found you!!

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