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Set a Super-Fun Thanksgiving Kids Table!

I think we all know the feeling of being relegated to the Thanksgiving kids table… sort of an afterthought once the grown-ups realized there wouldn’t be enough room at the big people’s table. I guess it was okay, as long as there were some cousins to sit with- and our own bottle of sparkling cider!

This week I’m so excited to be teaming up with 20 talented designers to bring you a whole gallery of Thanksgiving table inspiration. And today is my day! You can check out the other gorgeous designs at French Creek Farmhouse.

image of kids thanksgiving table with pine cone turkeys and crayons

Growing up, I didn’t mind sitting at the kitchen bar with my sister and cousins too much… but all the food was in the dining room. So that was kind of a problem. I’m not sure we can do anything about that… but what if the kids table was the coolest and funnest table? Today I’m going to show you how to set a super-fun table that any kid would be thrilled to sit at!

1. Paper table runner. 

I started with a brown wrapping paper runner cut to size. This will give the kiddos something to color if they get bored. White paper would work great here too!

image of thanksigiving kids table with pine come turkeys and crayons


2. Cloth napkins.

I love using cloth napkins for fancy dinners- and if you’re a kid they feel pretty grown-up. Don’t you think? I used my favorite buffet napkin sets from World Market in flame orange and nutmeg spice.

image of Thanksgiving kids table with pine cone turkeys and crayons

3. Plates & silverware

These salad plates from my everyday dish set make great kid dinner plates. I found a six-pack of these plastic goblets at the dollar store. I want this table to feel a little bit grown up with a bottle of sparkling cider! That is, a bottle of sparkling cider to be poured by a grown-up.

image of Thanksgiving kids table with pine cone turkeys and crayons

3. Place cards

I just got a new hand lettering workbook and this was my first attempt. I’m loving the book so far- it’s easy and fun and I’m excited to try more techniques! And these are my favorite drawing pens. I made big place cards out of yellow card stock to sit under the turkeys and add a bit more color to the table. 

image of Hand Lettering for Relaxation and Faber Castell pens

4. Pine cone turkeys

This was a simple craft with a hot glue gun, some colored popsicle sticks, google eyes, a triangle of fun foam, and pipe cleaners. It’s pretty self-explanatory, right? This would be fun to make with the kids ahead of time, and it could be done with a different type of glue if necessary.

image of pine cone turkey on Thanksgiving kids table

Finishing Touches…

Last, but not least, I added a small glass of crayons, a flameless candle, and some leaf-shaped confetti to finish the look. 

image of leaf confetti on Thanksgiving kids table

And there you have it. A boring, thrown-together kids table is a thing of the past! My girls are so excited for real Thanksgiving with their cousins now!

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image of Thanksgiving kids table

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  1. Hi Jess! Love how you made this tablecape so fun for the kids! The kraft paper to draw on was a great idea and still looks beautiful. How fun to let the kids drink apple cider and use real cloth napkins! I think next year I will set a fun kids table too!

    1. Thanks Kyla! The kids are super-excited about it. And congrats on getting your post featured! That’s so cool and you totally deserve it!

  2. What an adorable kids’ table.

    There will be two little ones at our Thanksgiving this year – our 16 month old grandson and his 14 month old cousin. I know they will be in their high chairs this year, but I’m saving this idea for my daughter for next year.

    And, if she does create a kids’ table, I hope I get to eat there with them.

  3. Jess,
    I love this! So fun and creative for the kids! We have a huge family and I love that you included the younger guests in the equation!! Just darling! So wonderful to get such amazing ideas and inspiration this week with you all!

  4. This is so much fun!!! I miss when the kids were littler at Thanksgiving at their own little table. I’m pinning this idea for the next set of littles that come along!

  5. I love that you want the kids to feel fancy and special too–so sweet! Also, I’ll tell you a secret–I’ve used kraft paper for more than one adult table too. haha! I enjoy it! It’s fun to draw on the table no matter how old you are! This is such great inspo, Jess! xo

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