Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Fabric Ribbon

Wrap gorgeous holiday gifts with solid white or brown paper and patterned fabric as ribbon. Your Christmas gift wrapping has never been so simple!

Gift Wrapping with Fabric Ribbon: Christmas gift wrapped with brown paper and tied with black and white checked fabric ribbon. Scissors, scotch tape, and fir boughs in background

This project originally appeared over at Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

Wrapping presents has always been one of my very favorite Christmas activities. Is that weird?

I also have a bad habit of heading out to buy Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon before I’ve looked in the bin under my guest bed to see what we still have from last year. And it turns out I usually have quite a lot of stuff left from last year.

Anyway, I’m trying to simplify my life a bit by pairing down on extra stuff. And one way I’m doing that is by using fabric ribbon and just solid white and brown wrapping paper for all our Christmas gifts.

Today I’m going to show you this ultra-simple gift-wrapping method. Let’s get started!

How to Wrap Gifts With Fabric Ribbon


wift wrapping suppies- rolls of solid white and brown wrapping paper, quilting fabric, scissors, scotch tape, gift tags, and gift boxes
  • white and/or brown wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • fabric scissors
  • scotch tape
  • quilting fabric
  • gift tags

1. Wrap the Gift

If you don’t have a lot of experience with gift wrapping, check out this simple step-by-step tutorial from Kids Activities Blog.

2. Cut the Fabric

You’re going to cut your fabric into long strips (ribbons). I like to make mine somewhere between 1.5- 4″ wide. If you’re wrapping multiple presents, experiment with different widths of fabric ribbon.

There’s no need to measure, but try to make each strip as even as possible, following the lines of the pattern on the fabric if there is one. As you can see below, I’m cutting through the center of each of the plus signs in the fabric pattern.

green cotton quilting fabric with plus sign pattern in white, being cut into 1.5" strips

3. Place Gift on Ribbon

Christmas gift wrapped in solid white wrapping paper, laying on top of strip of green fabric

4. Tie 1st Knot

green fabric "ribbon" being tied around white wrapped holiday gift
green fabric "ribbon" being tied in a knot on top of white-paper wrapped Christmas gift

4. Tie 2nd Knot

green fabric "ribbon" being tied in a double knot around white paper wrapped Christmas gift

5. Adjust

Most quilting fabrics have a good side and a bad side. So you’ll probably need to futz with the tails of your ribbon a bit to get the good sides facing up.

green fabric "ribbon" bow being adjusted

6. Trim

I like to cut the tails of my fabric ribbon diagonally like this:

Christmas gift wrapping with white paper and green fabric ribbon

7. Add a Gift Tag

brown paper gift tag being tied onto wrapped gift

That’s it you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

Christmas gift wrapping ideas: white paper gift tied with green patterned fabric ribbon
Christmas gift wrapping with white paper and candy cane striped fabric bows.

Christmas gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with white and silver fabric ribbon with snowflake pattern
Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: white paper wrapped presents with red and green fabric ribbons

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