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100 Boho Runner Rugs for 2024

These inexpensive Boho runner rugs will give your entryway, kitchen, hallway, or mudroom a fresh new look!

100 Boho Runner Rugs- All Under $100! collage of colorful runner rugs

What is a Runner Rug?

A runner rug is a long narrow rectangle-shaped rug, (generally between two and three feet wide),usually placed in an entryway, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom.

modern entryway with a shoe bench and long runner rug
I just added this colorful runner rug to my entryway

Why Use Runner Rugs?

Here are a few reasons you might choose to use runner rugs:

  • Protect flooring in high-traffic areas like hallways.
  • Add color & pattern to a boring hallway.
  • Bring warmth & texture to a space with mostly hard cold surfaces (i.e. kitchens & bathrooms).
  • Break up the monotony of a long hallway with multiple runner rugs.

Runner Rug Size Guide

These are the standard sizes that many retail runner rugs come in. They tend to be either 2 feet or two and a half feet wide, and come in many different lengths up to 16 feet. The 4′ wide sizes are more difficult to come by.

Runner Rug Size Guide: chart comparing standard sized runner rugs with dimensions

Boho Runner Rugs in Every Color

And now for the rugs themselves. I’ve organized them by color for your shopping convenience. Most of these are available in additional colors, shapes, and sizes as well.

Black Runner Rugs

Black Runner Rugs: collage of inexpensive Boho runner rugs in black & white

A. Charcoal Striped Runner Rug in Black, from Wayfair

B. Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Runner in Black, from Overstock

C. Handmade Wool Charcoal Runner Rug, from AllModern

D. Performance Black & White Runner, from Wayfair

E. Project 62 Chevron Woven Runner Rug in Black & White, from Target

F. Moroccan Shag Runner Rug, from Wayfair

G. Flatweave Cotton Runner in Black, from Wayfair

Grey Runner Rugs

Grey runner rugs allow you to stick with a neutral color scheme, but add just a touch of modern Boho pattern to your space, like the one in this kitchen. Photo: Celebrated Nest

Grey Boho Runner Rugs: collage of inexpensive gray runner rugs with tribal, Moroccan, oriental, and Bohemian patterns

A. Essa Vintage Light Grey Runner Rug, from Home Depot

B. Safavieh Hand-Woven Rug in Grey, from Target

C. Fearn Oriental Area Rug in Cream, from Wayfair

D. Southwestern Handmade Flatwoven Jute Runner Rug, from Wayfair

E. nuLOOM Catherine Henna Global Bands Runner Rug, from Target

F. Black Geometric Stripe Flatweave Jute Rancho Rug, from World Market

G. Hector Oriental Machine Woven Runner Rug, from Wayfair

H. ReaLife Rugs Machine Washable Rug, from Walmart

I. Moroccan Geometric Boho Runner Rug in Grey, from Target

Beige Runner Rugs

Beige is a go-to neutral for many people, and for good reason! It can go beautifully with many different styles of decor. See how this muted oriental beige runner rug brings warmth and texture to this kitchen, but doesn’t overpower the space? Photo: Love & Renovations

Beige Boho Runner Rugs: collection of modern Bohemian runners with tribal and Moroccan prints

A. Bertram Tufted Rug, from Target

B. Threshold Persian Accent Rug, from Target

C. Handmade Modern Boho Runner Rug in Beige, from Wayfair

D. Geometric Wool Runner Rug in Natural, from Walmart

E. Threshold Cromwell Washable Printed Persian Runner Rug, from Target

F. nuLOOM Catherine Henna Global Bands Rug, from Target

Teal Runner Rugs

Boho Runner Rugs in Teal: collage of teal runner rugs

A. Moroccan Teal Runner, from Wayfair

B. Washable Non-Slip Runner Rug, from Amazon

C. Threshold Overdyed Persian Rug in Teal, from Target

D. Safavieh Floral Loomed Runner Rug, from Target

E. Boho Runner Rug in Teal, from Wayfair

F. Paramount Rustic Runner Rug, from Walmart

G. Woven Boho Runner Rug in Teal, from Target

H. Tribal Diamond Pattern Runner, from Amazon

I. Handmade Rag Rug in Teal, from Overstock

Blue Runner Rugs

It’s hard to go wrong with a blue rug. Here’s a gorgeous example from Making Manzanita:

kitchen with a blue runner rug in front of a row of green cabinets
Blue Runner Rugs: collection of 9 modern Bohemian runners with tribal, geometric, oriental, and floral patterns

A. Well Woven Kennedy Triangles Runner in Blue, from Wayfair

B. Nourison Boho Rug in Blue, from Walmart

C. Traditional Blue Persian Runner Rug, from Walmart

D. Nala Moroccan Runner Rug in Light Blue & Brown, from Wayfair

E. Oriental Runner Rug in Blue, from Wayfair

F. Safavieh Madison Rug, from Target

G. Navy Blue & White Geo Luxor Indoor Outdoor Rug, from World Market

H. Bohemian Indoor-Outdoor Runner in Blue, from Target

I. Machine Washable Distressed Runner in Blue, from Walmart

Navy Runner Rugs

Navy Runner Rugs: collage of runner rugs in Navy blue

A. Ramona Geometric Flatweave Tufted Accent Rug in Navy, from Target

B. Leelu Navy Blue Rug, from Ruggable

C. Mijangos Runner Rug in Navy, from Wayfair

D. Handmade Moroccan Wool Runner, from Amazon

E. Machine Washable Printed Moroccan Rug in Navy, from Walmart

F. Irania Oriental Area Rug in Navy, from Wayfair

G. Adirondack Algernon Geometric Runner Rug, from Walmart

H. Wyncote Abstract Rug in Navy, from Wayfair

I. Amaral Handmade Flatweave Cotton Rug, from Wayfair

Purple Runner Rugs

colorful entryway with a shoe bench and purple runner rug
collage of purple runner rugs with modern Boho patterns

A. Safavieh Bellagio Rio Floral Wool Runner Rug, from Walmart

B. Judayah Abstract Area Rug in Purple, from Wayfair

C. Safavieh Thalia Floral Loomed Runner Rug, from Target

D. Indira Oriental Rug in Fuschia, from Wayfair

E. Safavieh Crystal Rug, from Walmart

F. Well Woven Overdyed Helode Machine Washable Oriental Rug, from Walmart

G. Nourison Passion Fuchsia Runner Rug, from Walmart

Pink Runner Rugs

hallway with a pink runner rug
Hallway with a Pink Runner Rug, by Casa Watkins Living

A. Pink Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

B. Hand Tufted Modern Runner in Pink, from Target

C. Safavieh Delois Rug, from Target

D. Tibbetts Oriental Runner Rug in Pink, from Wayfair

E. Rose Antiqued Distressed Runner Rug, from Overstock

F. nuLOOM Dawson Machine Washable Distressed Medallion Runner Rug, from Target

G. Distressed Floral Runner Rug in Pink, from Walmart

H. Pink & Ivory Ombre Runner, from Wayfair

I. Well Woven Kennedy Triangles Rug, from Wayfair

Rust Runner Rugs

Photo: Bigger Than The Three Of Us

upstairs corridor with a rust colored runner rug
Hall with a Boho Rust colored runner rug, by Bigger Than The Three of Us

Red Runner Rugs

A. Machine Washable Area Rug with Non-Slip Backing, from Amazon

B. Vintage Floral Kilim Runner Rug in Red, from Target

C. Boho Loomed Runner, from Target

D. Southwest Non Skid Runner Rug, from Walmart

E. Chindi Cotton Runner Rug in Red, from Walmart

F. Red Traditional Medallion Runner Rug, from Amazon

G. Ultra-Thin Washable Runner Rug, from Amazon

H. Red Retro Aztec Indoor/Outdoor Runner Rug, from Rugs USA

Orange Runner Rugs

Orange Runner Rugs: collection of Bohemian tribal and Moroccan runner rugs in orange and rust

A. Chunky Woven Runner Rug in Orange, from Target

B. Orange Indoor/Outdoor Runner, from Target

C. Traditional Boho Runner Rug in Orange & Fuchsia, from Walmart

D. Realife Machine Washable Runner, from Amazon

E. Performance Orange Runner Rug, from Wayfair

F. Medallion Machine Washable Runner Rug, from Target

G. Geometric Flatweave Tufted Runner, from Target

H. Rust Diamond Kilim Runner Rug, from World Market

Yellow Runner Rugs

Yellow Runner Rugs: collage of 8 different modern Boho runner rugs in yellow and gold

A. Handmade Moroccan Jute Runner Rug in Yellow, from Target

B. Geometric Rug in Yellow, from Wayfair

C. Geometric Yellow Runner Rug, from Walmart

D. Southwestern Trimmed Entryway Rug, from Walmart

E. Retro Floral Runner Rug in Yellow, from Target

F. Judayah Runner Rug in Gold, from Wayfair

G. Moroccan Trellis Indoor/Outdoor Runner Rug, from Walmart

H. Eggen Oriental Runner Rug, from Wayfair

Green Runner Rugs

A. Amaral Handmade Flatweave Cotton Runner Rug in Green, from Wayfair

B. Ramona Geometric Flatweave Tufted Accent Rug, from Target

C. El Paso Runner Rug in Green, from Walmart

D. Green Medallion Boho Runner Rug, from Target

E. Handmade Cotton Flatweave Rug, from Wayfair

F. Safavieh Madison Rug, from Target

G. Geometric Runner Rug in Light Green & Ivory, from Walmart

H. Leelu Bottle Green Runner Rug, from Ruggable

I. Yareli Oriental Rug in Green, from Wayfair

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