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Modern Fall Mantle Decor

Here’s a bit of modern Fall mantle decor inspiration to cozy up your fireplace for Autumn! Be sure to bring in some warm oranges and yellows!

Mid-Century Fall Mantle Decor: wood mantel with orange pom-pom stems in a vase and pumpkins

If you haven’t already decorated for Fall, it’s definitely time! This past Spring, I did a fireplace makeover, and painted my ceramic tile fireplace surround. You can see the transformation here. Now that the fireplace itself looks pretty, it’s time to decorate the mantle for Fall!

modern fall mantle decor

I’ve been on a hunt for modern Fall decor (I’m putting midcentury and bohemian under the “modern” umbrella). I’m in the process of transitioning my style from cottage/farmhouse to modern, and it was surprisingly difficult to find modern Fall decor inspo. I get it- pumpkins and gourds definitely have a country farm vibe. So I’ve come down somewhere in the middle on this one.

modern fireplace with round black-framed mirror, Fall decor stems in a vase, pumpkins, and a yellow throw pillow on the floor

This new round mirror from Umbra Hub just arrived, and I love it!

I’m embracing some touches of orange for Fall. It’s not a color I naturally gravitate toward, but to me, it’s hard to really capture the feeling of Fall without using Fall colors. And I’m actually kind of loving the results. The mustard-patterned throw pillow on the floor is from Amazon, and I love this brand! It’s actually a throw pillow cover, which is awesome because I can change it out whenever I want and it doesn’t take up a bunch of closet space! Check out my roundup of inexpensive modern Fall throw pillow covers here!

modern fall stems

Fall mantel decor close-up of pom-pom stems in front of a round mirror

I found these Fall pom-pom stems at Hobby Lobby- and I absolutely couldn’t resist! They remind me of something from a Dr. Seuss book. I can definitely see more pom-poms in my near future. Hello pom-pom garlands!

orange and red pom-pom stems in a glass vase sitting on a wood mantle decorated for Fall with a round mirror, candle holder, and orange pumpkins

gold-painted pumpkins

Pumpkins of different colors, shapes, and sizes are always fun too!

close-up of white pumpkins painted with gold leaf paint and a pinecone

These gold-leaf-painted pumpkins were quick and easy to make! Check out the tutorial here!

close-up of orange and yellow pumpkins sitting on a wood mantle decorated for Fall

fall throw pillows & blankets

And finally, for the ultimate touch of Fall coziness, be sure to add some warm Fall throw pillows and blankets nearby!

side-view of Fall mantle decor with stems, pumpkins, pine cones, and a basket of Fall throw pillows & blankets on the floor

Check out this roundup of inexpensive Fall throw pillows and this one on blankets! Happy Fall!

Modern Fall Mantel: image of mid-century modern fireplace with wood mantel decorated for Fall with round mirror, pumpkins, and Fall stems in a vase

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  1. Hi there! I know this post is old so my question might be hard to answer, but where did you get those wooden candle holders? I love the simple design. I’ve been searching for something similar but without success. Thank you!

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      I’m pretty sure I got them on super-clearance at Fred Meyer a couple of years ago. Sorry I know that’s not very helpful!

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