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The Best Dog Christmas Stockings (2024)

These cute dog Christmas stockings are perfect for your furry friend! With paw prints, dog bones, faux fur, and more!

The Best Christmas Stockings for Dogs: black and white dog pulling toys out of a red bone-shaped Christmas stocking

What could be more fun than a special Christmas stocking for your fuzzy buddy? I’ve scoured the web for the best and cutest dog Christmas stockings for your furry friends. And many of these have coordinating human stockings available too!

Dog Christmas Stockings

We’ll start with the standard-sized dog stockings. If your pooch is seriously spoiled, you may need a full-sized stocking like this.

Full-Sized Dog Christmas Stockings: collage of 10 different cute dog stockings with paw prints,

A. Knit Paw Print Monogram Pet Christmas Stocking, from Target

B. Plush Dog Stocking, from Amazon

C. Fuzzy Paw Shaped Stocking, from Wayfair

D. Handmade Hooked Dog Christmas Stocking in Red, from Wayfair

E. Paw Stocking for Dogs, from Wayfair

F. Dog Face Christmas Tree Stocking, from Target

G. Paw Print Striped Christmas Stocking in Red, from Target

H. Paw Print Cotton Canvas Stocking, from Walmart

I. White and Red Monogram Pet Stocking, from Target

J. Plush Dog Stocking, from Amazon

Dog Bone Shaped Christmas Stockings

These dog bone-shaped stockings are super cute! Many have fish-shaped counterparts available if you need cat Christmas stockings too!

Bone-Shaped Stockings; collage of dog bone Christmas stockings

A. Cozy Faux Fur Dog Stocking, from Pottery Barn

B. 10″ Fair Isle Dog Bone Shaped Christmas Stockings, from Amazon

C. Classic Velvet Bone Pet Stocking, from Pottery Barn

D. Burlap Dog Bone Shaped Stocking, from Etsy

E. Plush Buffalo Plaid Bone Dog Stocking, from Target

F. Personalized Knitted Dog Bone Stocking, from Amazon

G. Personalized Dog Bone Christmas Stocking in Velvet, from Etsy

H. Personalized Bone Stocking with Bow, from Etsy

I. Knitted Personalized Bone Stocking, from Etsy

Personalized Dog Christmas Stockings

And if you want to really go all out, you can order a personalized stocking with your doggo’s name from Etsy. Or you can even get one with custom art made from your dog’s picture!

Most of these are surprisingly affordable, and this is a great option if you want to get coordinating stockings for the whole family.

collection of personalized dog Christmas stockings with names, paw prints, bones, and pictures of dogs

A. Hand-Knitted Dog Stocking, from Etsy

B. Personalized Dog Silhouette Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

C. Personalized Felt Dog Stocking, from Etsy

D. Pet Paw Quilted Stocking, from Etsy

E. Custom Dog Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

F. Personalized Dog Paw Print Stocking Tag, from Etsy

G. Custom Felt Dog Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

H. Black & White Buffalo Plaid Dog Stocking, from Etsy

I. Custom Dog Bone Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

J. Personalized Dog Bone Shaped Stocking, from Etsy

Mini Christmas Stockings for Dogs

fireplace decorated for Christmas with 4 white Christmas stockings- 3 human and one mini stocking for the dog

Fozzy has a mini stocking that coordinates with the rest of my family’s Christmas stockings on the mantel. These inexpensive picks are perfect, and most of them have larger options to match!

collage of mini dog Christmas stockings with bone shapes, fair isle patterns, names, and paw prints

A. Mini Knit Monogram Christmas Stocking, from Target

B. Mini Buffalo Plaid Stocking in Black & White, from Target

C. Knitted Mini Stockings, from Amazon

D. Mini Knit Sleigh Stocking, from Target

E. Mini Knit Paw Print Christmas Stocking in Grey, from Target

F. Personalized Mini Dog Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

more mini Christmas stockings for dogs for the Holidays

H. Mini Knit Holiday Stocking with Custom Tag, from Etsy

I. Mini Knit Paw Print Christmas Stocking of Dogs, from Target

J. Mini Personalized Pet Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

K. Mini Knit Stocking, from Amazon

L. Mini Dog Christmas Stocking in Buffalo Plaid, from Target

M. Mini Cable Knit Christmas Stocking in Green, from Target

N. Mini Knit Paw Print Stocking, from Target

dog with his head stuck in a bone shaped Christmas stocking

I hope you found the perfect stocking for your pooch! Need cat Christmas stockings too? Check out this post!

The Best Dog Christmas Stockings: collage of dog christmas stockings with paw prints, faux fur, bones, etc.

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