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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for DIYers

These inexpensive tools for DIYers are the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for men and gift basket fillers for anyone who loves to build and fix things!

Stocking Stuffers for DIYers: greed velvet stocking with staple gun, stud finder, screws, nails, and other tools around it

I love to do stockings… but some people are just plain hard to shop for. Know anyone like that? All of these gifts are ultra-practical, and will fit nicely into a Christmas stocking or gift basket for the DIYer in your life. Happy shopping!

If you’re looking for bigger tool gifts, check out this post!

stocking stuffers & gift basket-fillers

These small items are ultra-practical, and will fit into a Christmas sock or fun gift basket.

carpenter’s Pencils

package of novelty carpenter's pencils

wood glue

bottle of Gorilla wood glue

head lamps

These are our go-to whenever the power is out or someone has to go down into the crawlspace. Oh, and did I mention camping? The kids love them too, and at this price, you can order one for everyone on your list!

set of two LED headlamps with batteries for DIYer stocking stuffers

speed square

galvanized metal speed square for stocking stuffer


These are my favorite inexpensive paintbrushes- especially the angled one in the middle. It’s perfect for cutting in and detailed trim work.

Box Cutter/ Utility knife

adjustable utility knife stocking stuffer


jar of earplugs for DIYers

Drywall anchors

plastic box of drywall anchors and screws for mounting things to walls

tin snips

These are the next step up from a pair of scissors. Anytime you need to cute sheet metal, heavy plastic, whatever, you’ll want a pair of these in your tool bucket.

pair of tin snips with yellow handles stocking stuffer for men

super glue

Most of my projects that require super glue only need a tiny bit. These mini single-use tubes are perfect for small jobs and you don’t have to worry about clogged tips.

multi-pack of mini tubes of super glue for DIYers


Gerber multi-tool for DIYers

ratcheting screwdriver

ratcheting screwdriver with multiple interchangeable tips for DIYer stocking stuffer


basic claw hammer for stocking stuffer

Tape measure

Everyone needs one of these. I actually keep one in my purse!

Family Handyman magazine

My dad & Peter both enjoy this magazine… and Peter has actually built me a few cool projects from it! A one-year subscription is only $5 right now, so it’s a great stocking stuffer!

issue of The Family Handyman Magazine
The Best Tool Stocking Stuffers: red knit Christmas stocking with magazine, level, screwdrivers, staple gun, and glue sticking out the top

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