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50 Fun Modern Boho Christmas Stockings for 2021!

60 of the best modern Christmas stockings to go with your Boho Christmas decor and guaranteed not to break the bank!

The Best Boho Christmas Stockings: felted and knit christmas stockings with pom poms and tassels

What Are Boho Christmas Stockings?

I’m fully embracing Boho decor over here. But the Holidays present a new design challenge. What does Boho Christmas decor even look like?

The good news is, it can be wild and colorful or neutral and subdued, or anywhere in-between. It can work with your farmhouse look, a more midcentury vibe, or even a transitional decor style.

I’ve rounded up all the best modern, Scandi, and Boho Christmas stockings I can find from my favorite online retailers- most for $30 or less, and organized them by color and pattern.

Whether you’re looking for traditional red, green, and white, sparkly sequins, or a fun rainbow pattern, I’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

White Christmas Stockings

White Christmas stockings are insanely popular, and it’s not hard to understand why. If you’re going for a farmhouse style with your holiday decor, a cozy transitional look, or an organic Bohemian vibe, any of these gorgeous and inexpensive stockings are great picks. A few can even be monogrammed or personalized.

collage of white Christmas stockings in Fair Isle patterns, with pom poms and tassels, faux fur, and monograms

A. Knit Fair Isle Christmas Stocking in Neutral, from Target

B. Textured Dot Stocking, from West Elm

C. Boho Cream & White Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

D. Cut Faux Fur Christmas Stocking in White, from Target

E. Thick Plush Faux Fur Stockings, from Amazon

F. Snowflake Fair Isle Christmas Stocking in Grey & White, from Target

G. Luxe Knit Monogram Christmas Stocking in White & Gold, from Target

H. Customizable Knit Metallic Thread Starburst Christmas Stocking, from West Elm

modern farmhouse mantel hund with white Christmas stockings, pom pom garland, and cedar boughs for Christmas

Red Christmas Stockings

It’s hard to go wrong with red Christmas stockings. I love these picks because they’re fresh and fun, but still unmistakably Christmas. This felted Red stocking from World Market (F) is my favorite.

Boho red Christmas stocking with colorful tassels and pom poms
collage of modern red Christmas stockings with stripes, pom poms, and tassels

A. Candy Cane Striped Stocking, from West Elm

B. Cable Knit Red Christmas Stocking, from Target

C. Speckled Woven Christmas Stocking in Red & White, from Target

D. Red & White Striped Christmas Stocking, from Target

E. Puckered Pom Pom Christmas Stocking in Red, from Target

F. Red Felted Wool Christmas Stocking with Pom Pom Tassels, from World Market

G. Marled Red Christmas Stocking with Pom Poms, from Target

H. Red Boho Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

collage of Boho red Christmas stockings in Fair Isle patterns, knitted, patterned, etc.

I. Red Candy Stripe Christmas Stocking, from Target

J. Modern Skinny Red Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

K. Red Dog Christmas Stocking, from Target

L. Quilted Scandinavian Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

M. Personalized Scandinavian Christmas Stocking in Red, from Etsy

N. Red Boho Christmas Stocking, from Wayfair

O. Red Criss Cross Stocking, from Wayfair

P. Extra Long Personalized Fair Isle Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

Q. Red Velvet Christmas Stocking with White Pom Pom Edging, from Etsy

Green Christmas Stockings

I love using dark green in my modern Boho Christmas decor! And aren’t these green Christmas stockings gorgeous?

green Christmas stockings in Boho, striped, and farmhouse styles with tassels and pom poms

A. Striped Knit Stocking with Green Toe, from Target

B. Knit Monogram Christmas Stocking in Green, from Target

C. Plush Pom Pom Christmas Stocking in Green, from World Market

D. Stripe Knit Christmas Stocking in Green & White, from Target

E. Crocheted Farmhouse Christmas Stocking in Green, from Etsy

F. Solid Green Velvet Stocking, from Wal-Mart

G. Knit Stripe Christmas Stocking in Green & Black, from Target

H. Chunky Knit Stocking in Green, from Wal-Mart

I. Ivory and Forest Green Farmhouse Christmas Stocking, from World Market

J. Chunky Cable Knit Christmas Stocking in Green, from World Market

Colorful Christmas Stockings

collage of colorful Christmas stockings in otomi, Fair Isle, rainbow stripes, and hand-knitted Boho patterns

A. Colorful Boho Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

B. White Sweater Pompom Christmas Stocking, from World Market

C. Rainbow Knit Christmas Stocking, from World Market

D. Personalized Hand-Knitted Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

E. Red Stripe Woven Christmas Stocking, from Target

F. Fair Isle Pattern Christmas Stocking in Navy, from Target

G. White Polka Dot Felted Wool Christmas Stocking, from World Market

H. Hand-Embroidered Otomi Holiday Stocking, from Etsy

Non-Traditional Colored Christmas Stockings

And why limit your Boho Christmas decor to traditional red, green, and white? These fun stockings in non-traditional colors break the mold.

A. Knit Monogram Stocking in Navy, from Target

B. Basket Weave Pink Christmas Stocking, from Target

C. Handmade Golden Beaded Stocking, from Overstock

D. Modern Colorblock Holiday Stocking in Pink, from Etsy

E. Personalized Velvet Blue Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

F. Colorful Dot Christmas Stocking in Fuscia, from Etsy

G. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking in Black Striped Mink, from Wal-Mart

H. Aqua Sequins Christmas Stocking, from Overstock

I. Velvet Christmas Stocking with Mini Pom Poms, from Etsy

J. Tie-Dye Christmas Stocking in Blue, from Etsy

K. Grey and White Knit Christmas Stocking with Reindeer & Snowflakes, from Walmart

L. Fair Isle Christmas Stocking in Yellow, from Target

Patterned Christmas Stockings

If you want to really go non-traditional, these printed Boho stockings are really fun! I’m especially partial to the sloths and cacti myself!

Christmas stockings with modern Boho prints in vibrant colors

A. Southwestern Style Boho Christmas Stocking with Tassels, from Etsy

B. Llama & Cactus Boho Christmas Stocking, from Amazon

C. Green Christmas Tree Print Stocking, from Etsy

D. Flamingo-Print Christmas Stocking, from Amazon

E. Colorful Cactus Christmas Stocking, from Amazon

F. Doily Block Print Christmas Stocking, from Wayfair

G. Floral Christmas Stocking, from Etsy

H. Tropical Sloths Boho Christmas Stocking, from Amazon

Dog Christmas Stockings

And we can’t forget our fuzzy friends! I have a separate post with all my favorite dog Christmas stockings for this year! And many of them are customizable and have coordinating stockings for people.

The Best Dog Christmas Stockings

collage of dog Christmas stockings with paw prints, bones, etc.

I hope you found something you love in this collection of Boho Christmas stockings! Enjoy!

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