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Arts & Crafts Gifts for Kids Under $12

Fill stockings with these arts and crafts gifts for kids to spark their creativity, and they’re all under $12!

Stocking Stuffers Creative Kids Will Love: white Christmas stocking filled with a sticker book, yarn, pompom makers, and paint

These small gifts for creative kids are perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day, and more. I’m dividing them up by age group for your convenience. If you’re looking for slightly larger arts & crafts gifts for kids, check out this post!

stocking stuffer gifts for toddlers & preschoolers

Water wow!

If you’ve never tried these, you need to! They’re reuseable water-painting books. Just fill up the self-contained water pen, hand it to your kid, and they can paint away with no mess. My girls loved these so much when they were little. And they’re perfect for car and airplane rides!

scissors & tape activity pads

What kids don’t love to use as much tape as they want? This set looks super-fun and includes a scissors skill-building activity book too!

Art Smock

I don’t really think an art smock needs an explanation… The long sleeves are key, and this one comes in several different colors.

play snow

This play snow is so cool! I first discovered it at preschool in the sensory bin a few years ago. Then of course I had to get some for home. It’s hours and hours of fun. It expands when you add water, and it even feels cold like real snow!

bathtub finger paint

There’s no question they’ll need a bath after they finger paint anyway… so why not do the finger painting itself in the bathtub? I’m wishing I’d seen this sooner for my five-year-old!

bath crayon

And if the idea of bathtub finger paint makes you squeamish, perhaps""” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> a multi-color bath crayon is a better option. B had one of these as a toddler and she loved loved loved it!


gifts for kids 5-9 years old

scratch art bookmarks

paint by sticker

Isn’t this paint by sticker book so cool? You can get more or less intricate ones, depending on the age of the kids.

Origami on the go

Animal Drawing book

Glitter pens

drawing board

gifts for pre-teens and teens

PomPom makers

These are so fun! It’s possible to make pompoms without them, but these neat little pompom makers make the process quick and easy enough for kids! My girls and I love them- and we’ve been turning out lots of pompoms lately for some Christmas crafts and throw pillows, and just for fun!

craft scissors

A good sharp pair of craft scissors is essential for making pompoms and all kinds of crafts. These are my favorite- I think we have

mini yarn skeins

I love these mini yarn skeins for making pompoms and tassels, and tons of other small projects!

I hope that gives you some great ideas for the kids’ stockings or gift baskets this year! I love to see my kiddos developing their creativity!

Arts & Crafts Stocking Stuffers for Kids: drawing book, yarn steins, pompom makers, paints, and pompoms on a white background

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