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Simple Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas table decorations are easy when you use greenery from the backyard, pinecones, and candles! Dust everything with fake snow, and you’re done!

Set a Gorgeous Christmas Table: black table set with evergreen boughs, faux snow, candles, pine cones, and dinnerware with glowing candlelight

Hello! I know it’s a crazy time of year, so let’s keep the table really simple for Christmas dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas everything!

But by the time dinner is finally on the table, this mama is usually feeling a bit wilted. I’m going to show you how to set a gorgeous, but really easy holiday table.


First, go outside and find some greenery. Here in Seattle , cedar is everywhere, so I trimmed some branches off a tree next to my house. Any kind of evergreen branches, or even eucalyptus would be perfect here!

While you’re outside, gather up a few pine cones too. Lay them out down the center of the table. If you have a round or square table, arrange them more compactly in the center.

table with evergreen cedar brnaches spread across it

Next, sprinkle a light dusting of faux snow on the boughs. My girls had fun helping with this part. You could certainly add more snow than I did- it’s all a question of how big of a mess you want to clean up later!

table with cedar branches down the center, and child's hand sprinkling fake snow on them
close-up of cedar branckes with fake snow

I found this modern wood tray on sale at Hobby Lobby. It’s very versatile, and I use it for my Fall centerpiece too!


Lay a few more pieces of greenery in the bottom of the tray, then fill it with candles and pinecones. The candles are key- they make any table feel more festive- and you can turn the lights down so it doesn’t matter if the house is in post-Christmas chaos!

Christmas table decorations with wood tray full of white pillar candles and pine cones

Table Setting

Now for the rest of the table setting. Start with chargers. I like these woven chargers because they work well with the natural theme. And they’re also very versatile- they work for Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, really any time of year.

Add a couple layers of plates, a white cloth napkin, some glassware, and you’re done. Oh, and you’ll probably want some silverware too.

Christmas table setting with hand pouring sparkling cider into a glass
Christmas table decorations with simple cedar branches and a wood tray of candles and pinecones as a centerpiece

Okay, you can get back to celebrating. Merry Christmas!

Create a Simple Christmas Table: black table set with cedar boughs and a wood tray of candles as a centerpiece

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  1. Jessica I love the centerpiece. I love the snow effect you did. So simple but a huge bang. Looks like it took you a long time to create. Love it!

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