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8 Pom Pom Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

These super-fun gift wrapping ideas use easy DIY pom poms in place of bows. These are perfect for Christmas gifts, birthdays, baby gifts, and more!

8 Pompom Gift Wrap Ideas: gifts wrapped with recycled brown paper and tied with colorful DIY pom poms as ribbon

Hello! This year, I’m feeding my pompom obsession by using them to wrap Christmas gifts… and these ideas aren’t just for Christmas- they would be great for birthdays, baby showers, whatever!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

flatlay photo of supplies needed to make pompoms and wrap gifts- colorful arn skeins, pom pom makers in 5 different sizes, tape, craft scissors, and wrapping paper

How To Make A Pom Pom

Hop on over to this post to learn how to make a basic pom pom.

Pom Pom Gift Wrapping Ideas

Giant Pom Pom

close-up of white wrapped gift tied with purple yarn and a giant purple pom pom
close-up of scissors trimming giant purple pom pom

Make a giant pom pom and trim it. Wrap coordinating yarn around the package several times, and use the glue gun to attach the pom to the center of the wrapped yarn.

hand holding hot glue gun- applying glue to gift wrapped with white paper and tied with purple yarn

Mini Pom Pom Garland

Isn’t this cute? To make a pom pom garland, use a single piece of yarn to tie the poms. Then glue the strip to the top of your package.

close-up of small parcel wrapped with brown paper and topped with a string of colorful mini pom poms
small gift box wrapped with recycled brown paper, with small pom pom garland attached to the top

Pom Pom Bunch

Make several pom poms of different sizes- they could be different colors too. Wrap the yarn around the package, and glue the poms to the top in a bunch.

brown paper-wrapped Christmas gift, tied with red yarn and topped with a cluster of several red pom poms of different sizes

Single Pom Pom

For this one, you can forgo the glue gun. Just use a longer piece of yarn to tie the center of your pom pom and tie the yarn around the wrapped gift.

small brown paper parcel tied with aqua-colored yarn and a matching pompom

Double Pom Poms

Same as above, just use two pom poms instead of one!

small white paper-wrapped gift with two pom poms on top- one navy blue and one aqua

Oversized Pom Pom

Again, this is the same method described above, but with a giant pom pom.

small brown wrapped gift with a large white fluffy pom pom on top

Multi-Color Pom Pom

cylider-shaped gift wrapped in brown craft paper and tied with a large multi-coloed pom pom

To make a multi-colored pompom, use one color of yarn to wrap the pompom maker for a little while, then switch colors, then switch again. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same as making a solid-colored pom!

I recommend making a big pile of pom poms while watching Christmas movies. Then you’ll have them ready to go when it’s time to wrap gifts!

OKay, now it’s time to get wrapping. Enjoy!

8 Pompom Gift Wrapping Ideas: small brown paper-wrapped gift with string of mini colorful pom poms on top. Yarn and craft scissors next to it

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