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Backpack Organizer: A Brilliant Mudroom IKEA Hack!

This backpack organizer is a simple IKEA hack for your mudroom, entryway, or garage! Entryway cubbies will eliminate so much chaos!

Backpack Organizer Ikea Hack Billy bookcase hack used as cubbies to hang kids backpacks, coats, and boots

ikea mudroom backpack organizer

My sister is the real organizing genius in our family. So today I’m going to show you her brilliant kids’ cubbies solution that I’m kind of jealous of. This is the perfect back-to-school organization entryway hack, as it provides a place for each kid’s backpack, multiple coats, boots, and more! The best part? All you have to do is assemble some IKEA furniture and add some hooks!

Most moms I know would love a fancy entryway or mudroom with cubbies… but the reality is, most houses aren’t built like that. The other reality in my house is that the kids and I mostly come and go through the garage. And I think that’s the case for a lot of families. In my house there just isn’t a good spot to put something like this near the door to the garage. And my number one rule of organizing is:

Store things close to where you will actually use them!

My sister had the same problem, so she set up these awesome entry cubbies in the garage- right next to the door to the house. Since they’re in the garage, they can store roller skates, bike helmets, sports equipment, and other outdoor items in the cubbies as well. Of course, you could put these inside the house too if you have a mudroom or space in the entryway for them. You could also add some trim to make them look more built-in if you like. Growing family? Add more as you need them!

four skinny Billy bookcases from Ikea lined up to make a mudroom backpack storage system

Here’s what you’ll need:

close-up of 4 Billy bookcases from Ikea lined up to make a backpack organizer. Top shelves hold rollerskates, bike helmets, and storage baskets
close-up of Ikea Billy bookcase backpack organizer hack. Hooks hold small children's backpacks and coats

And this is so simple that I’m not sure there’s much more to explain! It would probably be helpful to install the hooks before assembling the shelves, though it’s probably possible to do it afterward. You can adjust the shelves in these units to your liking. 

Simple Entry Cubbies! A Brilliant Ikea Hack for Back to School! Billy bookcases lined up to form a backpack organizer in a garage

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  1. This is such a cute entry cubbies hack. I was pondering on what to do with the space between the hallway and the garage this morning. This looks good, and it’s up my alley.

  2. These are amazing ideas, I have four little ones and if I don’t try and keep it all sorted we are overtaken with clutter very fast. Now the oldest two are in 1st grade and prek we have even more to keep up with.

    1. Thanks Kansas! Sounds like a busy place… that’s why I don’t think I should have more kids… I don’t think I could deal with any more kids’ stuff!

  3. Ikea is like one of my favorite stores and one was supposed to open near my job but they pulled out:( I do like the idea of cubbies and putting things close to wear you will actually use them. Great advice.

  4. I am a mother of two kids and I need to sort and clean their things every now and then and this tips is such a great help to be more organized to their things.

  5. As a large family Mom, I can totally appreciate this organization idea. I’d love something like this in our garage.

  6. What an awesome idea, I have to try this. My kids are so excited for school and being organized could make they feel more excited.

  7. I am in dire need of some of those IKEA life-hacks because I have no more place in my apartment for all the clothes I buy, given that I’m a shopping addict 🙂

  8. I love the idea of a cubby for school items, it is such a great idea and really organised and helpful! Great ideas.

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