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Organize Kids’ Clothes for School!

Organize Kids' Clothes for School: image of 2 IKEA TROfast bin/drawer units stacked with days of the week chalkboard sticker labels

It’s time to get the kids’ closets and dressers whipped into shape for back to school! Today I want to share this super-simple morning-sanity-saving system. In fact, it works so well for the kids- maybe I should try it for myself!

how to organize kids’ clothes

We’ve always used a dresser for E’s (4 year old)’s clothes. It was nice and organized when she was a baby and I was the one taking things out and putting them back in… but now that she’s doing some of that on her own, things have gotten a bit chaotic in there. Even with drawer organizers, it never stays neat for long!

ikea hack dresser system

B (6 year old) has been using these TROFAST storage units from IKEA as her dresser for a few years now, and they work beautifully! I think the reason these are so great is that clothes can’t migrate from one side of the drawer to the next- each drawer/bin is one category, and that’s that.

2 TROFAST unites stacked on top of each other and used as a child's dresser, with each drawer labeled

When B started Kindergarten last Fall, I set up this weekday system for her. We choose her outfits for the week on Sunday night and put everything she’ll need- undies, undershirt, socks, etc. into that drawer. Then in the morning, there’s no racing around looking for socks at the last minute!

Children's drawer/bins labeled with the days of the week. Each bin has an outfit.

These are my favorite chalkboard sticker labels. I use a Sharpie paint pen to label things for the kids so it won’t rub off.

IKEA TROFAST unit with each drawer bin labeled with a chalkboard sticker label and filled with a single outfit

Now getting E dressed in the morning is a much bigger challenge, as she has some very strong and constantly-changing opinions about what she’s going to wear. I have some closet re-org plans for the girls’ shared closet, and I plan to get two more of these TROFAST units for her. Closet makeover coming soon… Peter says I’ve spent my home decor/organization wad for the month already on storage containers for the linen and guest room closets- and I suppose he’s right. So next month it is!

Single IKEA TROFAST bin drawer pulled out to show child's outfit stored inside.
IKEA TROFAST unit, showing six drawer bins, each labeled with a day of the week
Organized Kids' clothes for school! Image of two IKEA TROFAST drawer storage units stacked and used as a child's dresser inside a closet

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  1. I would love to have something like this organized for me as well. 😀 Love the stickers and the whole organization without a mess. I will think about it next time I’m planning my kids’ outfits.

  2. I would love this organization unit for my kid’s rooms. We pick out clothes for the school week ahead of time too to save oodles of time in the morning. I don’t really have anywhere to store them though, so they just get stacked on top of their dressers. This would look so much nicer and everything would be put away but still ready to go.

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