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Kids Room Organization Hack: Modern Coat Hooks

The key to kids’ room organization is modern coat hooks! Use this simple Ikea hooks hack to get coats, towels, bathrobes, hats, and more up off the floor!

Easy Kids' Coat Hooks: aqua-painted modern coat hooks rack from Ikea with children's rain coat, sweater, and bag hanging from it

The girls got these super-cute fluffy bathrobes for Christmas last year. They’re awesome, but they tend to end up in heaps on the floor. I’ve been wanting some hooks in their bedroom to hang their robes up. And while we’re planning the kids’ room organization, they could use some coat hooks too.

purple-painted modern coat hooks rack for kids room organization with lavender-colored bathrobes hanging from it

I love wall hooks for kids’ room organization… and for everywhere for that matter, because they keep things off the floor. I’m still training the kids to actually hang things up themselves… but at least there’s a place for them to go now! The key, of course, is mounting the coat hooks low enough for the kiddos to reach them.

This is a super-easy Ikea hack. And you can do it more easily than I did if you want. I started with a long coat hook rack (because it was leftover from the beach house bunk room project) and cut it into two smaller racks. But Ikea actually sells these KUBBIS wall hook racks in a shorter size, so just buy that if you can. I can only find the seven-hook racks on their website though. Let’s get started!

what you’ll need:

Here’s a list of our favorite DIY tools.

1. Remove the rack from its package and sand

Wait to attach the hooks until after the board is sanded.

IKEA KUBBIS coat hooks rack partially removed from its package, laying on a cement patio

I sanded the board to remove most of the white painted finish, first using 60 grit sandpaper, and then 120 grit. This is to help the spray paint stick.

modern coat hooks rack on sawhorses being sanded with an orbital sander

2. Cut the board

I wanted my wall hooks to be in two smaller sections- so I could mount one inside their closet for their bathrobes, and one near the door to their bedroom for stray coats and towels. I found the center point between hook holes three and four, and cut the board with a miter saw.

IKEA KUBBIS hooks rack being cut in half with miter saw

3. attach coat hooks to the board

IKEA KUBBIS coat hooks rack laying on cement patio, with assembly instructions out
woman using screwdriver to assemble IKEA KUBBIS coat hooks rack on patio

4. wipe everything down

Use a damp rag to wipe the board and pegs down- after sanding and sawing there’s always some dust!

5. Spray paint first coat

woman spray painting modern coat hooks rack with aqua spray paint

As you can see, I’m painting my two smaller coat hook racks two different colors- aqua and purple. I always start with a light coat of spray paint, holding the can about ten inches from whatever I’m painting, and overshooting the edges. I do this so a bunch of extra paint won’t build up on the sides and cause drips. The first coat is just a really light one. The goal isn’t to cover everything this time around. Now leave it for ten minutes or so.

6. Spray paint second coat

Now that you’ve waited ten minutes, come back and do a more thorough coat of spray paint, using the same technique as before, but this time covering everything.

woman applying second coat of aqua-colored spray paint to modern coat hooks rack outdoors in grass

7. mount it to the wall

Finally, use screws and an impact driver to mount the hook rack/s to the wall, and you’re done!

Now you can hang up all the stuff that usually gets thrown on the floor!

Want to follow our progress on the girls’ bedroom makeover? Sign up HERE!

finished modern coat hooks rack with children's coats and bag hanging from it
Wall Hooks Ikea Hack: deep purple modern coat hooks rack with two purple children's bathrobes hanging from it

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