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The Best Wax Melters On A Budget

Using a wax melter is an easy and safe way to add fragrance to your home without an open flame. These beautiful wax melt warmers are modern & stylish.

50 Wax Melt Warmers On A Budget! collage of wax melters, wax burners, and wax melt warmers in different colors and sizes

Introduction To Wax Melters

electric wax melter with lavender scented wax melts

What is a Wax Melt Warmer?

Wax melt warmers (aka wax melters, wax warmers, or wax burners) are gaining popularity as an alternative to burning scented candles. Most are electric and plug into an outlet. They use a heat source (most often a small lightbulb) under the melting cup to warm pieces of scented wax and release the fragrance.

What are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are pieces of scented wax used in a wax melter to give off fragrance. Here’s my tutorial for easy DIY soy wax melts.

overhead view of a variety of different wax melts in paper wax melt liners

Wax Melters

The wax melters in this first category use a small lightbulb under the wax cup as a heat source. These are my personal favorites because they create a similar ambiance to a glowing candle.

close-up of 2 square wax melts in a white wax melter, with more wax melts and flower petals in the background

The light makes it easy to tell if your wax warmer is on or off, so you’re less likely to forget about it overnight.

As you can see below, these lantern-style wax melters come in many different shapes and colors, and I’ve included many different styles.

collage of wax melters in whites and pinks

A. Scentsational Wax Warmer, from Amazon

B. Bobolyn Electric Wax Melt Burner, from Amazon

C. Scentsational Wax Melt Warmer, from Amazon

D. Bobolyn Electric Wax Warmer, from Walmart

E. Botanical Leaves Fragrance Warmer, from Walmart

F. Star Moon Pluggable Fragrance Warmer, from Amazon (I own this one and love it!)

G. Scentsationals Himalayan Salt Wax Warmer, from Walmart

H. Electric Wax Warmer with Leaves, from Amazon

collage of blue lantern-style wax melt warmers in blues and greens

I. Bobolyn Electric Wax Melt Warmer, from Amazon

J. Whole Housewares Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer, from Amazon

K. Scentsationals Mosaic Collection Wax Melter, from Amazon

L. The Pioneer Woman Full Size Fragrance Warmer, from Walmart

M. Opalhouse Ikat Scent Warmer in Turquoise, from Target

N. VP Home Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer, from Amazon

collage of black and gold wax melters

O. Bobolyn Electric Wax Melt Warmer, from Amazon

P. Modern Farmhouse Edison Bulb Wax Melter, from Amazon

Q. Enaroma Wax Melt Warmer, from Amazon

R. Mindful Design Candle & Fragrance Wax Warmer, from Target

S. Lotus Carving Candle Wax Warmer, from Amazon

T. Boho Gold Wax Warmer, from Amazon

U. Scentsational Edison Wax Warmer, from Walmart

V. Better Homes & Gardens Full Size Wax Warmer, from Walmart

Ceramic Wax Warmers

close-up of a wax melter with a melted candle sitting on top of it

These pretty modern ceramic wax melters plug into the wall and do the same job as the ones above, but only a few of them have lightbulbs inside.

An added benefit of these wax melt warmers is you can remove the wax cup and place a scented candle on the warming plate instead to melt the wax and enjoy the candle fragrance without an open flame.

collage of 9 different wax melt warmers and candle melters

A. Blue Leaf Ceramic Wax Melter, from Amazon

B. Stoneware Debossed Pattern Wax Warmer, from Target

C. Kobodon Ceramic Wax Warmer, from Amazon

D. Mainstays White Ochre Ceramic Wax Warmer, from Walmart

E. Candle & Fragrance Warmer for Scented Wax, from Amazon

F. BHG Wax Warmer, from Walmart

G, Opalhouse Stoneware Embossed Pattern Wax Warmer, from Target

H. Wax Melter, from Amazon

Plug In Wax Warmers

These smaller-sized wax melters plug directly into an outlet. They will generally hold one or two standard-sized wax melts or several smaller melts, and have a switch on the front. As you can see, they come in many different styles as well.

One of the main benefits of plug in wax warmers is that they don’t require any countertop, desktop, or shelf space, and they’re less likely to get bumped by maurading dogs and toddlers.

It’s best to use these in outlets located higher on the wall, which are usually found in kitchens & bathrooms.

collage of pluggable wax melt warmers in white

A. Candle Warmers Etc. Pluggable Fragrance Warmer, from Amazon

B. Modern Plug In Fragrance Warmer, from Amazon

C. Happy Wax Outlet Wax Melt Warmer, from Amazon

D. Opalhouse Plug-In Scent Warmer, from Target

E. StarMood Plug In Wax Warmer, from Walmart

F. Pluggable Wax Melter With Vintage Lightbulb, from Amazon

G. White Farmhouse Wax Melt Warmer, from Amazon

H. Star Moon Electric Wax Warmer, from Walmart

collage of plug-in wax melters in a variety of colors and styles

I. Candle Warmers, Etc. Pluggable Fragrance Warmer, from Amazon

J. Plug-In Indigo Wax Melter, from Amazon

K. Cocopin Plug-In Wax Warmer, from Amazon

L. Opalhouse Scallop Capiz & Glass Plug-In Scent Warmer, from Target

M. Better Homes & Gardens Hobnail Wax Warmer, from Walmart

N. Pluggable Fragrance Warmer in Blue Ombre, from Amazon

Wax Melt Burners

The last type of wax melter we’ll discuss is wax melt burners. They use a tealight as the heat source below a melting cup. Here are a few of my favorite inexpensive wax burners.

collage of wax burners with tealights

A. Own Wax Burner, from Amazon

B. Tealight Wax Melt Burner, from Amazon

C. Brass Wax Tart Warmer, from Amazon

D. Farmhouse Tea Light Wax Warmer, from Amazon

E. Ceramic Wax Melt Burner, from Amazon

Wax Melt Liners

I know all the images of wax melters in the collages above have the wax melts sitting directly in the melting cup, but you’ll find very quickly that it’s A LOT more convenient and less messy to use wax melt liners.

stack of wax melt liners and a variety of different wax melts

I like to use these inexpensive coated paper liners from Amazon.

I know they look a lot like cupcake papers, but trust me, they’re different. Cupcake papers are thin and the melted wax will seep right through them and make a big mess. Ask me how I know!

hand removing a wax tart from a wax melt liner

You can also get “reusable” silicone wax melt liners. I haven’t tried these myself.

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