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20 Small Laundry Room Ideas to Steal

These small laundry room ideas make the most out of small spaces, from stacked washers and dryers, to laundry closets, to pegboards.

20 Small Laundry Rooms You Need to See! Collage of small laundry rooms with space-saving features

If your laundry room (or even laundry closet) is tight on floor space like mine, every square inch counts. Function has to come first here- after all this is a utility room! So let’s take a look at some hard-working small laundry rooms that make the most of their small spaces.

Stacked Washer & Dryer

Stacking the washer and dryer is one of my very best space-saving hacks, because it frees up valuable floor space for cabinets, laundry baskets, or just a place to stand.

I stacked mine even though I had space to keep them side-by-side in the very small laundry room at my previous house:

small laundry room with a stacked washer and dryer and open cabinet for laundry baskets

This system worked so well, I decided to do something very similar with my new laundry room. I just finished my small laundry room makeover at my new(ish) house. This one has a bit more space, so I was able to squeeze in some Ikea-hacked storage cabinets for cleaning supplies.

small laundry room with stacked washer and dryer and Ikea cabinet

Laundry Closets

Do you have a laundry closet? While it might not be ideal, a little bit of planning and elbow grease will help you make the most of the space you do have.

Erica from Designing Vibes packed a washer & dryer, laundry folding countertop, storage cabinets, and clothes rod into this closet in her mudroom.

laundry closet with a washer and dryer, storage cabinets, and a countertop

Here’s another great laundry closet with a top-load washing machine from Julia of Tag & Tibby.

cute laundry closet with top load washing machine

This space-saving laundry closet by 2 Bees features a stacked washer and dryer, plus storage shelves for detergent, stain removers, etc.

small laundry closet with stacked washer and dryer

DIY Countertops

A countertop over side-by-side front load machines is a great surface for folding laundry. I’ve personally never had a big enough laundry space for this to make sense, but if you do then great! Here are a few examples, and you can follow the links to their individual blogs for the full tutorials.

Chelsea & Logan of Making Manzanita created this pretty laundry space with a lovely farmhouse sink:

small laundry room with side-by-side machines and a farmhouse sink

Sarah from Ugly Duckling House‘ plant-filled laundry room also features a great DIY countertop:

small laundry room with a DIY wood countertop over the washer and dryer and clothes drying rods

And here’s Libbie from A Life Unfolding’s sophisticated laundry room:

laundry room  with a DIY counter and navy blue cabinets


I love the colors and decor Morgan & Sean from Charleston Crafted used in their fun Boho laundry room:

modern Boho laundry room with a DIY wood countertop and hanging plants

And here’s another lovely space with side-by-side washer and dryer from Tarama at Citrine Living:

small laundry room/mudroom combo with a DIY counter over the washer and dryer

Top Load Washing Machines

Do you have top loading washing machine? Unfortunately you can’t stack it or build a countertop above it. But you can still make the most of your small laundry area! Here are a few photos to inspire you:

Cindy of DIY Beautify packed tons of function into her small laundry room. Click the photo to see how she maximized the storage in this small space with a wall-mounted ironing board and cleaning supplies.

small attic laundry room with top load washer

Zoe from Pine And Poplar has a top load washer in her pretty laundry room too.

pretty laundry room with wallpaper and blue painted cabinets

Front Loading Washers

I love this gorgeous Boho laundry space from Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living:

modern Boho laundry room with front load washer and dryer on pedestals

Angie from Postcards from the Ridge created this lovely small space laundry room:

small laundry room with side by side washer and dryer

This fun laundry room from Ashley of Bigger Than The Three of Us makes a big style statement!

moody laundry room with wallpaper

I hope this gave you some practical ideas and inspiration for your own small laundry room!

20 small laundry rooms you need to see! modern laundry room with a wall-mounted pegboard, clothes drying rack, and storage cabinet

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