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The Best Outdoor Coffee Tables on a Budget! (2024)

Find the perfect modern outdoor coffee table on any budget, from under $75 to over $400. Wicker, wood, metal, plastic, concrete, and more!

60 Outdoor Coffee Tables for Every Budget! collage of modern patio coffee tables in wood, wicker, metal, plastic, concrete, etc.
outdoor living room with an outdoor sofa and patio coffee table

An outdoor coffee table is an often-overlooked piece of patio furniture. But just like the coffee table in your living room, it’s very important!

I’ve rounded up the best outdoor coffee tables available online at every price point- whether you’re looking for an ultra-budget table under $75, a splurge-worthy statement piece over $300, or anything in-between. And almost all of them have free shipping!

How to Choose an Outdoor Coffee Table

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a coffee table for your deck or patio:


Modern patio tables come in many different materials and finishes. The most common materials you’ll find are durable hardwoods like acacia and teak, rattan, wicker, PE wicker (also known as all-weather wicker), metals such as aluminum, iron, and steel, and plastic composites similar to Trex decking (sometimes referred to as “poly lumber”).

Since outdoor furniture will be exposed to the elements, namely sun and rain, it’s important to choose pieces that will hold up in your climate, and be aware that natural wood finishes will need to be re-oiled or stained every year or two.

The good news for us is that manufacturers are making more and more options from waterproof PE wicker (plastic reeds woven around a metal frame to look like natural wicker), powder-coated steel, and composites, which look great, but will have a much longer life than their traditional counterparts.


This may fly in the face of your instincts if you’re used to buying sets of matching furniture, but I recommend choosing a coffee table in a different finish and/or material than your outdoor sofa or patio chairs. This will create a much more interesting and curated look.

Size & Shape

The main purpose of an outdoor coffee table is to provide a convenient place to set drinks, whether it’s morning coffee or late night margaritas. You may also want to use it to serve snacks. So the ideal size and shape will depend on the size and arrangement of your outdoor seating furniture.

photo of galvanized drink tray with mojitos sitting on a patio coffee table

Ideally, you want every seat to be within easy arm’s reach of some kind of accent table or other flat surface to set down a drink. So if you have multiple seats, you’ll probably need a coffee table, plus one or more patio end tables.

I’ve included approximate dimensions next to each table to help you sift through the options.

Coffee Table Height

close-up of cocktails on an outdoor coffee table in an outdoor living space

A standard coffee table for indoor or outdoor use is between 15-18″ high. If your outdoor sofa and or chairs are standard height (the top of the seat cushion is 16-18″ high, then look for a coffee table that’s 15-18″high.

A lot of modern seating furniture is lower to the ground, with seat heights anywhere from 12″ to 15″ high. Many patio lounge chairs also slope backward. If your seating is lower, you’ll want to find a lower coffee table to go with it (think 10″ to 14″ tall). I’ve included tables of many different heights in the list below, and you can find the height listed next to each one.

Off-Season Storage

As you’re planning your patio furniture, be sure to consider whether you’ll need to store some or all of the pieces under cover or inside a garage or shed during the off-season. Some of these tables have legs that fold or that can be easily detached for winter storage.

Outdoor Side Tables

I’m working on a roundup of inexpensive outdoor end tables next, and I’ll update this post as soon as it’s live.

Small Spaces

If you’re working with a very small space such as an apartment balcony or front porch, a coffee table might not be the best choice because of it’s large footprint. In this situation, I recommend opting for one or more side tables instead.

Modern Patio Coffee Tables

Under $75

If you’re on a tight budget (or you’ve already spent your wad on a fancy outdoor sofa), take a look at these inexpensive patio coffee tables under $75.

Outdoor Coffee Tables Under $75: collage of inexpensive patio coffee tables in wood, wicker, and metal

A. Waterproof Outdoor Round Coffee Table (28″ diameter, 16″ high), from Amazon (28″ diameter, 16″ high)

B. Hardwood Outdoor Coffee Table with Folding Legs (18″ x 41″ x 17″ h), from Amazon

C. Rectangular Acacia Wood Coffee Table (20″ x 36″ x 15″h), from Walmart

D. Solid Reclaimed Fir Accent Table (20″ x 38″ x 18.5″h), from Target

E. Oval Outdoor Coffee Table in Teak (18″ x 35″ x 18″h), from Amazon

F. Metal Patio Coffee Table in Gray (18″ x 32″ x 18″h), from Target

G. Aqua Round Outdoor Coffee Table in Weather-Resistant Steel (28″round x 16″ high), from Amazon

H. Folding Wicker Patio Coffee Table (16″ x 23″ x 16″h), from Target

Under $100

It’s totally possible to get a reasonble-quality stylish coffee table for your patio for less than $100! Check out these budget-minded tables:

Outdoor Coffee Tables Under $100: collection of 8 different budget-friendly modern patio coffee tables in wood, all weather wicker, composite, and metal

A. All Weather Poly Lumber Adirondack-Style Patio Coffee Table in Navy (comes in multiple colors) (17″x35″x16″h), from Walmart

B. White Metal Round Coffee Tables Set of Two (available in multiple colors) (28″round x 16″high), from Amazon

C. Rectangle Patio Coffee Table in Acacia (12″x42″x18″h), from Walmart

D. Natural Eucalyptus Outdoor Coffee Table (24x40x16h), from World Market

E. Set of 2 Black Round Outdoor Coffee Tables (28″round x 16″high), from Amazon

F. All Weather Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table (24″ round x 15″ high), from World Market

G. Acacia Rectangular Patio Table (22″x38″x11″h), from Walmart

H. Alariz Plastic Outdoor Coffee Table in Dark Grey (24″x40″x15″h), from Wayfair

Under $125

Now we’re getting into the sweet spot. At this price point, you can get a pretty much any size coffee table in whichever material you like. You have some really great options in this category.

Outdoor Coffee Tables Under $125: collage of inexpensive patio coffee tables

A. UV-Resistant Outdoor Coffee Table in Gray (25″ x 25″ x 13″h), from All Modern

B. All-Weather Rattan Patio Coffee Table (16’round x 17″high), from Target

C. Acacia Outdoor Coffee Table (28″x28″x12″h), from Wayfair

D. Low Acacia Outdoor Accent Table in Gray (24″x40″x11″h), from Wayfair

E. Rectangular Wood Patio Coffee Table (20″x42″x17″h), from Wayfair

F. Round Concrete Outdoor Coffee Table in Dark Grey (21″round x 15″high), from Walmart

G. Oval Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table in Espresso (25″x32″x15″h), from Walmart

H. Bullock Acacia Rectangle Outdoor Coffee Table (24″x37″x12.5″h), from Wayfair

I. Minimalist Polypropylene Patio Table in White (comes in multiple colors) (20″x28″x17″h), from Wayfair

Under $150

And for just $25 more you can get a statement piece for your backyard.

Outdoor Coffee Tables Under $150: 10 modern Boho patio coffee tables

A. Low Acacia Outdoor Coffee Table (25″x40″x10.5″h), from Wayfair

B. Oval Polyethylene Rattan Patio Table in Light Brown (25″x32″x15.5″h), from Wayfair

C. Modern Industrial Outdoor Coffee Table in Teak & Black (31″round x 14″high), from Amazon

D. Opalhouse Round Etched Coffee Table (24″round x 16″high), from Target

E. Project 62 Square Outdoor Coffee Table (32″ square x 12″ h), from Target

F. Round Wood Outdoor Living Cocktail Table (40″round x 14″high), from Overstock

G. Tree Trunk Slice Faux Wood Outdoor Coffee Table (17″round x 14″high), from Walmart

H. Threshold Round Wicker Patio Coffee Table (32″round x 16″high), from Target

I. Rectangular Glass Outdoor Coffee Table in White (24″x39″x16″h), from Wayfair

J. Acacia Wood & Metal Patio Accent Table (23″x50″x17″h), from Wayfair

Under $200

I love this season’s bold looks for under $200! Whether you want an understated concrete patio table, wicker, wood, or even brass you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Outdoor Coffee Tables Under $200: collage of 9 modern patio coffee tables

A. Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table in Light Brown (30″round x 15″high), from Walmart

B. Opalhouse Hammered Metal Storage Patio Coffee Table (32″ diameter x 16″ tall), from Target

C. Gray Metal & Wood Square Outdoor Coffee Table (31″x31″x10″h), from World Market

D. Concrete Outdoor Coffee Table (20″x40″x18″h), from Wayfair

E. Wood Boho Outdoor Coffee Table (20″x39″x15″h) , from Wayfair

F. Square Acacia Patio Table with Wood Inlays (32″x32″x18″h), from Wayfair

G. Round White Cement & Wood Accent Table (28″round x 15″h), from World Market

H. Bamboo Outdoor Coffee Table (24″x42″x18″h), from Wayfair

I. Outdoor Faux Wood Tree Slice Coffee Table (31″x30″x20″h), from Amazon

Under $300

For less than $300, you can get a higher-quality piece.

Outdoor Coffee Tables Under $300: collage of 8 stylish modern patio coffee tables

A. Round All Weather Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table (30″ diameter x 16″ high), from World Market

B. Round Concrete Patio Coffee Table (28″round x 18″high), from Wayfair

C. Set of 2 Metal Nesting Outdoor Coffee Tables (24″square x15″high & 27″square x 17″high), from Wayfair

D. Round Acacia Outdoor Nesting Coffee Tables 2 Piece Set (23.5″diameter x 10″high & 31.5″diameter x 13″high), from World Market

E. Outdoor Aluminum Coffee Table with Glass Top (31″round x 16″high), from Target

F. Woven Tulum Outdoor Coffee Table (22″x37″x17″h), from Kirkland’s

G. Mosaic Round Patio Coffee Table (30″round x 17″h), from Wayfair

H. Modern Metal Patio Table (24″x47″x16″h), from Wayfair

I hope you found some great options you love that fit into your budget! Enjoy your new outdoor living space!

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