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The Best Outdoor Poufs Under $100 (2024)

These modern outdoor poufs and ottomans are perfect for any outdoor living space, and they won’t break the bank!

60 Modern Outdoor Poufs Under $100! collage of colorful outdoor ottomans and footrests on a budget

Beige Outdoor Poufs

I got my sister this beige outdoor pouf to go with her new Boho deck seating area (B below).

outdoor living room with an outdoor pouf
Beige & Neutral Outdoor Poufs: collage of 9 different inexpensive outdoor ottomans in beige, taupe, tan, and natural

A. Unstuffed Boho Pouf Ottoman Cover in Taupe, from Walmart

B. Round Braided Indoor Outdoor Pouf in Natural, from World Market

C. Sun Bleached Striped Outdoor Pouf in Ivory & Tan, from Target

D. Threshold Natural Woven Outdoor Pouf, from Target

E. Round Outdoor Pouf Ottoman in Brown & Ivory, from Walmart

F. 20″ Round Knitted Outdoor Pouf, from Walmart

G. Boho Unstuffed Pour Ottoman Cover, from Walmart

H. Solid Square Outdoor Pouf Ottoman in Beige, from Walmart

I. Beige Outdoor Ottoman, from Wayfair

Black, White & Grey Outdoor Poufs

Black, White, & Grey Outdoor Poufs: collage of 10 patio footstools in black & white

A. Better Homes & Gardens 16×16 Black & Ivory Outdoor Pouf, from Walmart

B. Black & White Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Pouf, from World Market

C. Handmade Cylinder Patio Pouf Ottoman, from Walmart

D. Woven Stripe Outdoor Pouf in Black, from Target

E. Patio Pouf Ottoman in Anthracite, from Walmart

F. Boho Tufted Outdoor Ottoman, from Walmart

G. Sunbrella 26″ Outdoor Floor Pouf in Black, from Walmart

H. Woven PET Outdoor Pouf in Black & White, from Target

I. Woven Stripes & Dots Outdoor Pouf in Black & White, from Walmart

J. Black & White Trellis Cube Pouf with Cushions, from Wayfair

Navy Outdoor Poufs

Navy Outdoor Poufs: collection of 7 different outdoor ottomans under $100

A. Round Woven Stripes Outdoor Pouf in Navy, from Walmart

B. Woven Aztec Indoor/Outdoor Pouf in Navy, from Amazon

C. Indoor/ Outdoor Acrylic Ottoman in Navy, from Etsy

D. Navy Blue Seahorse Indoor-Outdoor Pouf, from Walmart

E. Patio Bean Bag Ottoman in Navy, from Overstock

F. Round Inflatable Outdoor Ottoman, from Walmart

G. Unstuffed Pouf Ottoman Cover in Navy & White, from Walmart

Blue Outdoor Poufs

Blue Outdoor Poufs: collage of 9 outdoor ottomans for Summer

A. Round Braided Indoor/Outdoor Pouf in Blue, from World Market

B. Woven Stripes & Dots Outdoor Pouf in Turquoise, from Walmart

C. Inflatable All-Weather Patio Footrest Ottoman, from Amazon

D. Moroccan Pouf Ottoman in Blue, from Etsy

E. Patio Bean Bag Ottoman in Light Blue, from Overstock

F. Round Patio Foot Stool with Cushion, from Wayfair

G. Bohemian Geometric Outdoor Pouf in Blue, from Target

H. Inflatable Outdoor Ottoman in Blue, from Amazon

I. Handcrafted Ophelia Boho Patio Pouf in Blue, from Walmart

Teal & Green Outdoor Poufs

Teal & Green Outdoor Poufs: collection of 9 outdoor ottomans, patio floor cushions, and outdoor foot stools

A. Modern Water-Resistant Cylinder Pouf in Green, from Walmart

B. Fringed Boho Square Woven Indoor Outdoor Pouf in Turquoise & White, from Amazon

C. Green Patio Pouf with Handle, from Target

D. Better Homes & Gardens French Knot Outdoor Pouf in Teal, from Walmart

E. Woven Square Outdoor Ottoman in Aqua, Navy & White, from Target

F. Set of 2 Outdoor Ottoman Cushions in Green, from Wayfair

G. Inflatable Fabric Footstool in Emerald, from Walmart

H. Handcrafted Moders Knitted Patio Pouf, from Overstock

Yellow Outdoor Poufs

Yellow Outdoor Poufs: collage of seven outdoor ottomans & patio floor cushions in yellow & mustard

A. Set of 2 Outdoor Ottoman Cushions in Mustard, from Wayfair

B. Polyester Outdoor Ottoman in Yellow, from Walmart

C. Hand-Knitted Indoor/Outdoor Pouf in Yellow, from Amazon

D. Woven Stripes & Dots Patio Pouf in Yellow, from Walmart

E. Opalhouse Sun Outdoor Pouf, from Target

F. Hand-Knitted Macrame Indoor Outdoor Pouf, from Amazon

G. Indoor Outdoor Fade-Resistant Bean Bag Ottoman, from Amazon

Red, Orange & Rust Outdoor Poufs

Red, Orange, & Rust Outdoor Poufs: collage of 10 different modern outdoor ottomans & patio foot rests in warm colors

A. Set of 2 Outdoor Ottomans with Cushions in Red, from Wayfair

B. Boho Outdoor Ottoman with Cushion in Rust, from Wayfair

C. Round Handmade Cotton Indoor Outdoor Pouf in Orange, from Walmart

D. Boho Outdoor Cube Pouf in Red & Orange, from Walmart

E. Round Braided Indoor-Outdoor Pouf in Rust, from World Market

F. Orange Striped Patio Pouf, from Target

G. Braided Outdoor Cushioned Ottoman in Red, from Wayfair

H. Indoor/ Outdoor Hand-Knitted Pouf in Orange, from Walmart

I. Water-Resistant Boho Outdoor Pouf in Red & Orange, from Walmart

J. BHG Multi-Stripe Outdoor Pouf Ottoman, from Walmart

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