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The Best Outdoor Sofas For Every Budget (2024)

Find the perfect outdoor sofa, loveseat, or sectional sofa for your outdoor space with this simple guide and collection of budget-friendly picks!

50 Affordable Outdoor Sofas- Starting Under $250! deck with metal frame outdoor sofa and outdoor pillow

An outdoor sofa is one of the best investments you can make for your outdoor space, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. To help you out with your patio furniture shopping, I’ve rounded up this season’s best patio sofas, loveseats, and sectionals at several different price points, starting under $250 (a few are even below $200!). Almost all include free shipping, and if they don’t, I’ve figured that into the price.

With all the money you save, you can spring for a colorful outdoor rug, a patio coffee table, and some fun outdoor throw pillows to go with it! If you could use some inspiration, I’ve put together a few outdoor living room designs using this season’s inexpensive patio furniture and accessories from popular online retailers:

Boho Outdoor Living Room Ideas for 2023

Boho outdoor living room design board with an outdoor sofa, and colorful pillows

How to Choose Outdoor Seating Furniture

Here are a few factors you’ll want to consider when deciding what type and size of seating furniture you want for your outdoor space:

Frame Materials

The most common outdoor sofa frame materials you’ll see are durable hardwoods such as acacia and teak, natural wicker, PE wicker (also known as poly rattan or all-weather wicker), stainless steel, powder-coated steel, aluminum, and occasionally poly lumber (a wood-look plastic composite similar to Trex decking).


Acacia and teak wood furniture will need to be sanded and re-stained or oiled every year or two, depending on your climate. This isn’t particularly difficult, but it does take time and effort to keep the furniture protected from the elements and looking its best.

The other materials like all weather wicker, plastic composites, and metal are generally very low maintenance, and can often be left outdoors under a furniture cover in the Winter, depending on your climate.


Cushions are easily the most expensive component of an outdoor sofa, so you can generally expect the thickness, foam density, and fabric quality to improve as the price point goes up.

Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor Foam & Batting

Off-Season Storage

Outdoor Sofas Under $250: collage of cheap outdoor sofas and loveseats

A. Poly Rattan Patio Sofa with Cushions, from Walmart

B. Wood Outdoor Sofa, from Wayfair

C. Threshold Wicker & Metal Patio Sofa in Grey, from Target

D. Boho All-Weather Rattan Outdoor Loveseat & Coffee Table Set, from Amazon

E. Minimalist Acacia Left-Sided Patio Sofa with Water Resistant Cushions, from Amazon

F. Modern 43″ Wide Outdoor Loveseat with Cushions, from AllModern

G. 3 Piece Rattan Sectional with Ottoman & Coffee Table, from Walmart

H. Bamboo Patio Bench with Cushions, from Walmart

I. 2 Piece Patio Loveseat, from Walmart

Outdoor Sofas Under $300: collection of inexpensive patio sofas, loveseats, and modular sectionals

A. 84″ Wide Outdoor Wicker Patio Sofa with Cushions, from Wayfair

B. 4 Piece Outdoor Sofa Set, from Amazon

C. 3-Seat Patio Wicker Couch, from Walmart (more colors available)

D. 79″ Wide Wicker Outdoor Sofa, from Wayfair (the cushions come in multiple colors)

E. Wood and Wicker Outdoor Couch in Grey, from Walmart

F. Outdoor Wicker Loveseat with Cushions, from Wayfair

G. Outdoor Wicker Patio Sofa with Cushions, from Wayfair

H. Wooden Sofa Daybed with Cushions, from Wayfair

Outdoor Sofas Under $400: collage of inexpensive modern patio sofas with cushions

A. Space-Saving L-Shaped Corner Sectional Patio Sofa with Glass Coffee Table, from Amazon

B. 67″ Wide Outdoor Patio Daybed with Cushions, from Wayfair

C. Outdoor Aluminum Frame Loveseat with Plush Cushions, from Wayfair

D. Grey Wicker Outdoor Chaise Sofa, from Walmart

E. 76″ Wide Outdoor Patio Sofa with Cushions, from Wayfair

F. All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Loveseat and Ottoman Set in Beige, from Walmart

G. Aluminum Frame Patio Loveseat, from Wayfair

H. 5 Piece Outdoor Section Sofa, from Amazon

Outdoor Sofas Under $500: collection of 8 different modern patio sofas

A. Resin Wicker Outdoor Sectional Sofa & Coffee Table Set, from Overstock

B. 7-Piece Modular Outdoor Sectional with Seat Cushions, from Amazon

C. 62″ Wide Outdoor Loveseat with Dark Teal Cushions, from Wayfair

D. Aluminum Framed 4 Piece Patio Corner Sofa Set, from Walmart

E. Wood Outdoor 2 Piece Sofa Set with Outdoor Coffee Table, from All Modern

F. 5-Piece All Weather Wicker Patio Set with Washable Cushion Covers, from Overstock

G. 72″ Wide Outdoor Patio Couch with Cushions, from Wayfair (comes in multiple colors)

H. Modern Minimalist Wicker Patio Sofa with Built-in Side Table, from Wayfair

Outdoor Sofas Under $600: collage of patio sofas and outdoor sectional sofas

A. Extra Long Outdoor Couch with Grey Seat Cushions, from Wayfair

B. 3-Piece Patio Sofa & End Table Set with Outdoor Furniture Cover, from Walmart

C. 7-Piece Wicker Sectional Sofa Outdoor Conversation Set, from Walmart

D. 7 Piece Sectional Patio Furniture Set with Blue Cushions, from Walmart

E. 72″ Wide Metal Outdoor Sofa with Water Resistant Cushions, from Wayfair

F. Acacia Wood Outdoor Chaise Sofa with Teal Cushions, from Walmart

G. Boho Outdoor Wicker Sofa, from Walmart

H. Teak Wood Outdoor Couch, from Home Depot

Outdoor Sofas Under $700: collection of modern patio sofas and outdoor sectionals

A. Patio Wicker Rattan Sofa in Gray, from Overstock

B. 3-Seat Acacia Wood Outdoor Sofa with Water Resistant Cushions, from Amazon (comes in multiple colors)

C. Acacia Wood & Wicker Patio Sofa with White Cushions, from Overstock

D. Grey All Weather Wicker Sectional Set with Convertible Outdoor Coffee Table, from The Home Depot

E. Modern Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set in Dark Grey, from Walmart

F. Large Patio Sectional Sofa Set, from Walmart

G. 7-Piece PE Wicker & Steel Sectional Sofa, from Walmart

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Keeping your outdoor lounge furniture (especially the cushions!) relatively dry is important in many climates, including my own rainy Seattle. Just because the cushions say they’re “water resistant” doesn’t mean they’re meant to be drenched and left to sit for days at a time.

Unless you plan to have your outdoor sofa under a roof of some kind, you may want to consider a waterproof furniture cover to protect it from the elements when you’re not using it.

While I would recommend bringing the cushions into the garage or some other covered indoor space for the colder wetter months to prevent mildew, you can use these waterproof covers to protect the sofa frames year-round. They’ll also help prevent damage from UV rays.

The Best Outdoor Sofas for Every Budget! collage of different inexpensive patio sofas, loveseats, and sectional sofas

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