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The Best Black and White Outdoor Rugs for 2023!

These designer-recommended black and white outdoor rugs on a budget for your deck or patio, are all under $150!

40 Black & White Outdoor Rugs for 2022: patio with a bold black and white outdoor rug, a fire pit, and an outdoor sofa

I love to use outdoor rugs whenever I design outdoor living spaces for clients and for my own family. Some of my absolute favorites have bold black and white patterns.

So I’ve rounded up my favorite modern black and white outdoor rugs available from my favorite online retailers- namely Target, World Market, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, and The best part? They’re all under $150.

Why? Because most of us don’t want to spend a mint on an outdoor rug that’s going to get dirty and wet outside.

What Size Outdoor Rug Should I Get for My Deck or Patio?

An outdoor rug is generally going to go under a patio dining table or anchor a seating group. So of course it’s not quite that simple. But this guide will help you choose the right-sized outdoor rug for your outdoor living space.

Modern Boho porch with two macrame swings and string lights
I love this black and white rio mat from World Market on my front porch!

Black Outdoor Rugs

These mostly black outdoor rugs have the advantage of not showing dirt easily.

collage of mostly black outdoor rugs with different prints and patterns

A. Dark Gray Ivied Trellis Outdoor Rug, from Rugs USA

B. Opalhouse Vee Stripe Outdoor Rug in Black, from Target

C. Beverly Rug Indoor Outdoor Black Plastic Rug, from Walmart

D. Fab Habitat Nairobi Black Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

E. Tecopa Black Indoor Outdoor Rug, from Overstock

F. Umbria Striped Charcoal Outdoor Area Rug, from Wayfair

Geometric Patterns

collage of 8 black and white outdoor rugs with bold geometric patterns

A. Hugh Southwestern Trellis Indoor Outdoor Area Rug, from Overstock

B. Project 62 Graphic Steps Outdoor Rug, from Target

C. Black & Cream Reversible Plastic Outdoor Rio Floor Mat, from World Market (this rug is on my front porch in the photo above)

D. Black & White Aztec Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

E. Nirvana Lightweight Reversible Plastic Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

F. Playa Rug Reversible Plastic Rug in Black & White, from Amazon

G. Fab Habitat Recycled Plastic Cairo Rug, from Amazon

H. NuLoom Diamond Rug, from Walmart

Moroccan Patterns

collage of nine patio rugs in black & white with Moroccan and tribal patterns

A. Balajees Outdoor Patio Rug, from Walmart

B. The Curated Nomad Adelaide Bohemian Tribal Area Rug, from Overstock

C. Geometric Outdoor Rug, from Overstock

D. Derya Diamond Trellis Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Target

E. Beverly Tribal Plastic Woven Rug, from Walmart

F. Nokat Modern Boho Moroccan Trellis Rug, from Target

G. The Curated Nomad Lori Black & White Outdoor Rug, from Overstock

H. Black Striped Banded Outdoor Rug, from RugsUSA

Floral Patio Rugs

black and white outdoor rugs with floral, botanical, and animal prints, as well as oriental patterns

A. Threshold Woodland Outdoor Rug in Black & White, from Target

B. Threshold Garden Ikat Rug, from Target

C. Buchheit Floral Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

D. 5’x7′ Black Gray White Indoor Outdoor Area Rug, from Walmart

E. Beverly Reversible Oriental Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

F. Ophenia Tropical Outdoor Rug, from Overstock

G. Opalhouse Floral Outdoor Rug in Black, from Target

H. Tecopa Black and White Animal Print Woven Outdoor Rug, from Overstock

Black And White Striped Outdoor Rugs

Bold black and white stripes are classic and make a big style statement. Here are my favorites, some with more traditional stripes, and others with modern takes on stripes.

collage of black and white striped outdoor rugs on a budget

A. Project 62 Mitre Stripe Outdoor Rug, from Target

B. Zolak Berber Stripe Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Rug, from Target

C. Better Homes & Gardens Black & White Striped Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

D. Colonia Berber Stripe Outdoor Rug, from Target

E. Threshold Worn Stripe Rug in Black & White, from Target

F. Sukie Offset Stripe Outdoor Rug, from Target

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