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The Best Plastic Outdoor Rugs On a Budget (2024)

Everything you need to know about plastic outdoor rugs for your deck or patio, and where to find the best waterproof outdoor rugs for 2024.

80 Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of woven plastic Rio mats in every color

I’m a huge fan of outdoor rugs, and my very favorite ones are plastic. Whaaaaat????, you ask? Yes, you read that right. Most traditional outdoor rugs are made of polypropylene, which of course is also plastic. But today I’m talking about a very specific type of woven plastic outdoor rug.

What Are Plastic Outdoor Rugs?

Plastic outdoor rugs are woven mats made of recycled plastic bottles. They come in many different sizes and patterns, and make great waterproof outdoor rugs for decks and patios. They’re also popular for RV camping, picnics, and other outdoor uses.

close-up of the corner of a black & white plastic outdoor rug showing it's texture and the binding on the side

What Are The Benefits?

  • less expensive than traditional polypropylene outdoor rugs
  • most are made of 100% recycled plastic
  • waterproof
  • UV & fade-resistant
  • easy to keep clean
  • soft on bare feet
  • two-sided with reversible patterns
  • lightweight

Cleaning Plastic Outdoor Rugs

The very best thing about woven plastic outdoor rugs is that they’re VERY easy to keep clean. Case in point.

This is the rug on my back deck (photo taken in January). I normally bring my outdoor rugs in for the winter, but this year has been crazy and I never got to it. Fozzy has been romping in the muddy backyard, and as you can see the rug is filthy!

black and white dog sitting on a very dirty woven plastic outdoor rug

But a quick spray with the garden hose and it’s good as new! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to clean a standard polypropylene patio rug, but it is definitely a lot harder than this, and usually with less satisfactory results.

very dirty black and white patterned plastic outdoor rug with a clean corner
clean woven plastic outdoor rug with a dog's ball sitting on it
outdoor dining patio with a plastic outdoor rug under the dining table


These woven plastic mats come in two different formats for storage and portability. The first type can be rolled up just like any other rug for off-season storage. I prefer this style for my outdoor living spaces because they look the best and lay completely flat.

end view of a black & white plastic outdoor rug rolled up for storage

The second type is better suited for camping and other outdoor activities because it folds up. Many even come with a zippered storage tote. I don’t like these as well for my outdoor spaces because it can be difficult to get them to lay perfectly flat.

That said, both styles will work for either purpose. You should be able to tell which is which from the photos on the retailer’s sites.

The Best Plastic Outdoor Rugs for 2024

front porch with macrame swings and a black and white woven plastic outdoor rug
interior of children's playhouse with a small table and stools and a woven plastic outdoor rug in turquoise

This guide wouldn’t be complete without a roundup of my favorite stylish waterproof rug designs for this season.

I chose these particular rugs because they’re modern and stylish, they have pattern repeats that should be relatively easy to arrange patio furniture around, and they’re budget-friendly.

You’ll find rugs to go with modern Boho, mid-century, modern farmhouse, and transitional patio decor, and almost all are available in multiple sizes.

Black & White Plastic Outdoor Rugs

outdoor living room with a waterproof outdoor rug

I’ve always been a sucker for bold black and white patterns. And a plastic rug is probably the only place I would be okay using a fair amount of white or cream on an outdoor rug because I know it won’t look dingy after just a few weeks!

I love this rio mat in my outdoor living room. Unfortunately it’s not available this season, but I found a similar pattern (A below).

Check out these modern geometric patterns:

Black & White Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collection of 9 different woven plastic patio rugs in black and white patterns

A. Playa Outdoor Recycled Plastic Floor Mat in Black & White, from Etsy

B. Fab Habitat Boho Tribal Kilimanjaro Rug, from Amazon (I’ve owned this fabulous rug for a few years now. You can see a picture of it in my outdoor dining space.)

C. Modern Reversible Triangles Rug, from Walmart

D. Milan Black & White Recycled Plastic Floor Mat, from Amazon

E. Fab Habitat Serowe Tribal Outdoor Area Rug, from Amazon

F. Fab Habitat Cairo Waterproof Rug in Natural & Black, from Amazon

G. Bohemia Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

H. Black Geometric Plastic Straw Rug, from Amazon

I. Fab Habitat Nairobi Lattice Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

And here are more inexpensive black & white outdoor rugs if you didn’t find something in the list above.

Grey Plastic Outdoor Rugs

Grey Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of eight grey plastic outdoor rugs with modern Boho designs

A. Grey Reversible Patio Rug, from Amazon

B. Modern Plastic Outdoor Rug in Grey, from Walmart

C. Reversible Waterproof Outdoor Mat in Tropical Grey, from Walmart

D. Geometric Foldable Waterproof Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

E. Oriental Recycled Plastic Outdoor Area Rug in Grey & Black, from Walmart

F. Grey Stripe Outdoor Rug, from Wayfair

G. Waterproof Reversible Plastic Outdoor Rug in Charcoal, from Amazon

H. Tropical Leaves Plastic Area Rug in Gray, from Walmart

Navy Plastic Outdoor Rugs

Navy Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of Boho plastic outdoor rugs in navy blue and white

A. Fab Habitat Fade Resistant Plastic Outdoor Rug in Navy Blue, from Amazon


C. Moroccan Patterned Plastic Straw Rug in Navy & White, from Walmart

D. Striped Arrow Boho Outdoor Rug in Blue, from Amazon

E. Navy Striped Outdoor Camping Mat & Patio Rug, from Amazon

F. 5′ Round Foldable Plastic Rug in Navy Medallion, from Walmart

G. Navy & White Trellis Recycled Plastic Straw Rug, from Walmart

H. Fab Habitat Fade Resistant Recycled Plastic Rug, from Amazon

Blue Plastic Outdoor Rugs

photo of gazebo and outdoor living room with a recycled plastic outdoor rug

A. Tribal Stripes Outdoor Area Rug in Grey & Blue, from Walmart

B. Mod Striped Patio Rug in Blue, from Amazon

C. Boho Blue Medallion 5′ Round Plastic Rug, from Amazon

D. iCustomRug Outdoor Mat, from Amazon

E. Recycled Plastic Patio Rug in Blue, from Walmart

F. Triangles Rug in Blue, from Amazon

G. Blue Ikat Patio Rug, from Walmart

H. Foldable Plastic Rug in Light Blue, from Walmart

Blue Plastic Outdoor Rugs II: collage of 8 blue Rio mats for decks and patios

I. Foldable and Reversible Plastic Outdoor Rug in Blue, from Amazon

J. Geometric Round Woven Plastic Rug in Blue, from Amazon

K. 8×10 Plastic Rug in Blue Foliage, from Amazon

L. Tropical Crease-Free Rug in Blue, from Amazon

M. Fab Habitat Indigo Stripes Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

N. Fab Habitat Boho Southwestern Crease Free Rug in Blue, from Amazon

O. Moroccan Tile Pattern Plastic Area Rug in Blue, from Amazon

P. Lahome Outdoor Camping Mat in Blue Rainbow, from Amazon

Teal & Turquoise Waterproof Outdoor Rugs

children's playhouse with an aqua plastic outdoor rug from Fab Habitat
Turquoise Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of 10 patio rugs with aqua, turquoise, and teal patterns

A. Turquoise & Green Striped Plastic Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

B. Fab Habitat Mod Striped Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

C. Woven Plastic Lattice Patio Rug in Aqua, from Amazon

D. Fab Habitat Kilim Woven Plastic Rug, from Amazon

E. Modern Diamonds Outdoor Rug in Teal, from Amazon

F. Waterproof outdoor rug in Teal, from Walmart

G. Reversible Plastic Outdoor Rug in Aqua, from Amazon

H. Geometric Plastic Patio Mat, from Walmart

I. Fab Habitat Seville Plastic Rug, from Amazon (this is the rug in my girls’ playhouse pictured above)

J. Teal Geo Stripe Reversible Outdoor Rug, from Walmart

Green Plastic Patio Rugs

I just got this fabulous green plastic outdoor rug (D below) for my sister’s Boho deck makeover. You can see more details and shop the look here.

outdoor seating area on a deck with a green plastic outdoor rug
Green Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of reversible plastic mats in green

A. Playa Plastic Outdoor Rug in Aztec Green, from Amazon

B. iCustomRug Round Geometric Rug in Green & White, from Amazon

C. Reversible Picnic & Beach Area Rug in Green, from Amazon

D. Geometric Plastic Straw Mat in Green, from Amazon

E. Fab Habitat Woven Plastic Outdoor Rug in Green Panama, from Amazon

F. Green Leaves Plastic Patio Rug, from Amazon

G. Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug in Vintage Green Kilim, from Amazon

H. Palm Leaves Rug Mat in Green, from Amazon

I. Venice Reversible Floor Mat in Green & Cream, from Wayfair

Yellow Plastic Outdoor Rugs

Yellow Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of 6 waterproof plastic rugs in yellow and mustard

A. Geometric Yellow Straw Rug, from Wayfair

B. Sunburst Outdoor Area Rug, from Amazon

C. 8×10 Plastic Straw Rug in Yellow, from Amazon

D. iCustomRug Geometric Yellow & White Mat, from Amazon

E. 8×10 Fab Habitat Outdoor Rio Rug in Yellow, from Amazon

F. Floral Waterproof Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

Orange Plastic Outdoor Rugs

Orange Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of modern recycled plastic outdoor rugs

A. Tribal Outdoor Plastic Straw Rug, from Amazon

B. Sunburst Outdoor Rug in Orange, from Amazon

C. Orange and White Frame Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

D. Boho Plastic Straw Rug in Orange, from Amazon

E. Modern Orange Patio Rug, from Amazon

F. Orange & Blue Rug, from Wayfair

G. Lahome Orange Rainbow Plastic Outdoor Rug, from Amazon

H. Modern Floral Outdoor Rug in Orange, from Amazon

Red Plastic Rugs

Red Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of red patio rugs with modern geometric patterns

A. Vintage Boho Kilim Plastic Outdoor Rug in Orange & Violet, from Amazon

B. Recycled Plastic Floor Mat in Orange & White, from Walmart

C. Red Geometric Rug, from Walmart

D. Modern Striped Plastic Outdoor Rug in Red, from Amazon

E. Geo Recycled Plastic Floor Mat, from Amazon

F. Reversible Aztec Rug, from Walmart

G. Fab Habitat Striped Rug in Red, from Amazon

H. Geometric Red Outdoor Mat, from Amazon

Beige & Brown Plastic Outdoor Rugs

Beige & Brown Plastic Outdoor Rugs: collage of plastic indoor/outdoor rugs in beige and brown

A. Fab Habitat Plastic Rug in Burnt Orange, from Amazon

B. Palm Fronds Rug, from Walmart

C. Diamond Reversible Mat, from Amazon

D. Brown Rainbow Rug, from Amazon

E. Waterproof Moroccan Rug in Beige, from Amazon

F. Plastic Straw Rug, from Amazon

G. Geometric Bohemian Plastic Rug, from Amazon

H. 5′ Round Taupe Medallion Rug, from Amazon

I hope this gives you some great ideas for your patio! Plastic outdoor rugs are THE BEST!

You Need Plastic Outdoor Rugs In Your Life! Collage of outdoor rugs, patio ideas with outdoor rugs

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