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How to Organize Baking Supplies

Has anyone else caught the KonMarie bug? B (7 years old) and I have been watching the show, and she’s been cracking the whip to get us organized! First, she made us all go through our wardrobes- including Peter, who I’ve been trying to convince to go through his clothes for years! And next, we decided to tackle the kitchen. I have to admit the kitchen took a whole long and ugly weekend. But now it’s done and it feels amazing! Today I want to show you my baking center in my kitchen. This post was originally published on Ideas for the Home, by Kenarry.

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    1. I feel ya! Try doing it one cupboard/drawer at a time. I know that’s not quite what Marie would say, but unless you have a whole weekend to be uninterrupted you might have to go slowly- and that’s okay!

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