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Easy Spiced Pear Scented Soy Candles

These quick and easy scented soy candles are perfect for Fall and the holidays! Make these to give as gifts or to scent your own home!

easy DIY Scented Candles: Spiced Pear handmade candle in an amber glass jar with cinnamon sticks and cloves

How to Make Scented Soy Candles for the Holidays

I love making candles, and one of my new favorite scents for Fall and Christmastime is Spiced Pear & Whiskey, from Makesy (formerly The Wooden Wick Co.). So today I’m making these lovely scented soy candles. Let’s get started!


materials to make scented soy candles: candle jars, soy wax flakes, fragrance oil, wicks, centering devices, and cloves
Spiced Pear Candle Supplies: collage of tools and materials needed to make DIY scented soy candles

A. Soy Wax Flakes (I like this brand from Amazon and it comes with wicks and wick centering devices too!)

B. Wick Centering Devices (I’m using the ones that came with the soy wax kit above but you can get them separately here.

C. Cotton Candle Wicks (again, mine came with the wax but you can get them separately here)

D. Spiced Pear & Whiskey Candle Fragrance Oil (this is my favorite fragrance oil company after A LOT of testing. You can find more great candle scent options here)

E. Whole Cloves

F. 8 oz Amber Glass Candle Jars with Lids (I’m using these jars from Amazon. You can see more of my favorite candle vessels here.

G. 4 Cup Glass Measuring Cup (or other microwave-safe bowl)

H. Digital Meat Thermometer

I & J. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


1. Measure the Wax

Measure 4 cups of soy wax flakes into a glass bowl or microwave-safe container. I’m making two 8-oz candles, so I will need about two cups of melted wax. Soy flakes melt down to about half their original volume.

overhead view of large glass measuring cup full of soy wax flakes

2. Melt the Wax

Melt the wax in the microwave, starting with two minutes, and then going down to one-minute intervals. Stir is well each time. The target temperature is 170 degrees. This is important because the needs to be at the correct temperature to bind with the fragrance oil.

large glass measuring cup of soy wax flakes in the microwave
glass measuring cup with partially melted soy wax flakes
glass bowl of melted soy wax with a digital thermometer that reads 170 degrees

3. Add Fragrance Oil

Add about 3 Tablespoons (1.5 oz) of candle fragrance oil. I’m using Spiced Pear and Whiskey, from Makesy. This is one of my favorite Fall and holiday scents! Stir it well.

measuring spoon pouring candle fragrance oil into melted soy wax

4. Secure Wicks

Use a dab of hot glue to attach two wicks to the bottom of each candle jar. Then use a wick centering device to secure them at the top of the jar. It’s important to keep the wicks in place because they will get floppy and fall over once the hot wax is poured.

hand holding a wick upside down to show a glob of hot glue on the3 end of it
hand placing a candle wick inside an amber glass jar
amber glass jars with 2 wicks

5. Pour Wax

Carefully fill the candle jars with the hot wax, leaving a little space at the top of the jar for the second pour. Be sure to leave yourself enough wax in the measuring cup to cover the tops of both candles again later.

hot wax being poured into glass jars to make scented soy candles
poured candles cooling

6. Let it Cool

Let the candles cool completely. This will take a few hours. You may notice that the tops of your candles are not perfectly smooth. They may sink slightly in the center or have uneven tops. This is fine.

scented soy candles with hardened wax and long wicks
close up of the top of a soy candle after the first pour

7. Pour Top Layer

Re-heat the remaining wax in the microwave so that it’s just melted. You don’t want to overheat it because too much heat will break down your fragrance oil. Now pour a thin layer of wax over the top of each candle, just enough to cover the tops.

top of a scented soy candle after the second pour

8. Add Inclusions (optional)

Add a few cloves and or bits of cinnamon bark to the tops of the candles while the wax is still liquid. Try to position them so they’re not too close to the wicks, and don’t add anything larger than a clove.

9. Let it Cool

Let the top layer cool completely.

soy candle with hardened wax and two long wicks sticking up

10. Trim the Wicks

Use scissors to trim the wicks to about 1/2 inch above the top of the candle.

scissors cutting the wicks on a scented soy candle

11. Let Them Cure

Replace the lids (or seal up your candles if you don’t have lids) and let them sit for a few weeks. This will allow them to cure and give your candles the best possible scent throw.

finished soy candles ready to cure
burning soy candle with cinnamon and cloves

Candle Fragrance Calculator

One of the most difficult aspects of candle making is getting the right ratio of wax to fragrance oil. You’ll find some pretty complex explanations out there, but I wanted something simple to refer to that uses measuring spoons and cups I already have in my kitchen, so I put together the chart below.

Soy Candle Fragrance Oil Calculator: chart showing conversions for fragrance oils based on the amount of wax being used

Leftover Wax

What can you do with leftover scented wax? I have two great options for you! First you can make a couple of tealight candles. The full tutorial is coming soon, but it’s pretty much exactly the same as making larger candles.

overhead view of tealight candle

The second option is to make wax melts. I do this all the time, and they’re lovely! Here’s a tutorial for wax melts:

How to Make Wax Melts: Everything You Need to Know

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