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How to Make A Pom Pom Out of Yarn

Learn how to make a pom pom out of yarn with this easy step by step tutorial! It’s fun, easy and perfect for Boho home decor!

How to Make a Pom Pom: close-up of large purple yarn pompom being trimmed with craft scissors

It’s no secret that I’m currently obsessed with making pompoms and using them for every craft project I can think of. But how do you make a pompom?

How to Make a Pom Pom Out of Yarn

First, let’s make a pompom. It is possible to make them without these special pom pom makers, but they make it fun and turn out uniform, fluffy pom poms. They’re also easy enough for my five-year-old to use all by herself! In fact, I now have pom poms all over the house.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Note: The one in the photos below is actually this Clover giant pom pom maker, which is sold separately from the kit with 4 sizes. But the process is the same for any size pom pom- you’ll just adjust the number of times you wrap the yarn around the arms.

1. Wrap the Yarn Around the 1st Arm

pom pom maker on a white background, with one arm extended and purple yarn wrapped around it

Pull one of the arms away from the body of the pom pom maker (each arm has two pieces). Begin to wrap the yarn around it, starting at the end close to the body, and working your way out. You’ll want to cover the entire arm. For this giant size, I wrapped the yard 175 times on each arm.

2. Wrap the Yarn Around The 2nd Arm

large pom pom maker with purple yarn wrapped around it and a pair of blue craft scissors

Now push the first arm back into place and pull out the second arm. Repeat the wrapping process the same number of times.

3. Cut

close-up of hand using craft scissors to cut purple yarn on pom pom maker

With both of the arms back in close to the body, use your craft scissors to cut down the groove between the two sides, going all the way around the circle. Sharp scissors make a huge difference here! For about a month I was using some old dull things and it was hard work. Ever since I got these ones, it’s been smooth sailing!

4. Tie the Pom Pom

Now take a length of yarn and tuck it into the groove where you just cut. Cinch it as tight as possible and double-knot the yarn. Now you can open up the two arms and pull the two halves apart.

large purple pom pom on a white background with a pair of craft scissors

5. Trim

large purple pom pom being trimmed with a pair of craft scissors

Your pom pom will likely need a haircut to even things up. And then you’re done!

Now you can use them to wrap gifts, make Christmas ornaments, make a pom pom garland, wreaths, and more! Check out these projects below.

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