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Fluffy Snowballs: Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

These quick & easy fluffy snowballs are beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments to go with any style of holiday decor!

Quick & Easy Snowball Ornaments!  Close up of fluffy white snowball Christmas ornaments with pine branches for Christmas

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1. Paint your Ball Ornaments

Use the paintbrush to apply a coat of white acrylic craft paint to your ornament. This will provide a white background for the “snow” fluff you’ll add later. It doesn’t need to be perfect..

2. Cut Yarn Into Bits

I happen to have a giant bin of yarn in my closet. Surprise surprise! So I had several varieties of white yarn. But if you need some, I strongly recommend this fluffy yarn, because it has the perfect texture for realistic snowballs! It’s what I ended up using after trying a couple of other varieties.

Wrap the yarn around your fingers several times, then use the craft scissors to cut it into tiny bits. I used a bowl to contain my yarn bits.

2. Mix The Glue

Mix 2 parts Elmer’s glue to 1 part water. This will make the glue MUCH easier to paint on!

3. Paint Glue on Ornament

Use the paintbrush to apply the glue mixture to as much of the ornament as you can while still holding it. You can come back and get the spots you missed later.

4. Dip the Ornament

Dip the ball into the “snow” yarn and turn it a couple of times, so that all the surface is covered in fluff.

5. Apply More Glue & Finish

If there’s an area that you couldn’t cover with glue before, go back and paint some on. Re-dip the ornament so that the whole thing is covered.

6. Let It Dry

Let the glue dry for at least an hour before hanging the ornament up. Give it a little shake to get any excess fluff off too!

And that’s it! I want to try these with a touch of white glitter too- I’m waiting for the giant bag of glitter I ordered to arrive. I’ll update when I’ve tested it out!

Easy Snowball Ornaments
Yield: 1

Easy Snowball Ornaments

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Make these easy, fluffy snowball ornaments in just a few minutes!

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  1. Thank you. A lot of great ideas to make for Christmas and a lot of great memories making them. Great crafts for homeschooling. Thank you again!!!

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