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DIY Christmas Ornaments: Gold-Dipped Baubles

These gorgeous modern DIY Christmas ornaments take five minutes to make! Add some modern flair to your Christmas tree decor with gold leaf paint!

Easy Gold-Dipped Ornaments: aqua glass ball ornament dipped in gold leaf paint in front of a window

I’ve recently discovered this awesome gold-leaf paint, so naturally, I’m looking for every chance I can to use it! And this project is so quick and easy. Let’s get to it!

here’s what you’ll need

supplies to make DIY Christmas ornaments- glass ball ornaments, gold leaf paint, paint brush, plastic trash bag, masking tape, and dixie cups

how to paint diy christmas ornaments

1. remove the metal top

close-up of hands removing metal top piece from an aqua-colored glass ball Christmas ornament

apply masking tape

hand holding aqua ball ornament and wrapping masking tape around the middle

Try to get the line of masking tape as straight as you can- especially where the two ends of tape join together.

3. paint

hand holding glass ball ornament wrapped with masking tape and painting gold leaf paint on the exposed part of the ornament
glass bauble wrapped with masking tape, and the top painted gold

4. let it dry

hand holding glass ornament with the top painted gold

remove masking tape

hand holding glass ball ornament and removing masking tape from around the center

Give it at least a few hours to dry before removing the tape. Replace the metal top, and you’re done! Next, be sure to check out these kintsugi christmas baubles… they go beautifully with the dipped ones and use almost all the same supplies.

Easy DIY Dipped Ornaments: Three aqua and gold glass ball ornaments dipped with gold paint sitting on Christmas greenery

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  1. These look so expensive & beautiful!!!! If you have paint leakage under the tape you are using (and from experience, the blue painters tape will leak), the frog painter’s tape does not leak and leaves crisp paint lines.

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