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DIY Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Make this quick and easy DIY Poo-Pourri style toilet spray with just four simple ingredients! It makes a great gift or use it in your own home!

Make Your Own Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray; photo of blue spray bottle labeled "poo-pourri" with toilet paper

Poo-pourri is a game-changing toilet spray that’s gained popularity over the past few years. And for good reason!

What is Poo-Pourri?

Poo-pourri uses glycerin and fragrance oils to create a film on top of the water in the toilet. This film keeps the smelly things that go into the toilet from stinking up the whole bathroom.

hand spraying a blue glass spray bottle of poo-pourri into a toilet

You just spray a couple of spritzes into the toilet before you go. Or I actually tend to do it afterward too so it will be ready for the next person.

How to Make DIY Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

But the store-bought stuff is expensive! And if you have multiple toilets with multiple people, you can start to really go through it!

So today I’m going to show you how to make your own all-natural DIY Poo-pourri toilet spray for just a few dollars. In fact you probably have most of the ingredients already. And then you can refill your bottles as many times as you want.

Plus… these would be fun stocking stuffers, wouldn’t they? Okay, maybe only for people you know well.


ingredients for poo-pourri toilet spray on a marble countertop


This is a pretty simple recipe, so I won’t go into too much detail on the steps.

1. Place the Funnel

This mini funnel came with the spray bottles I ordered from Amazon. It’s very helpful for getting the ingredients into the small bottle mouths! The one issue I’ve had with the funnels is they can sometimes block the whole mouth of the bottle, which makes it difficult for the liquid to drain into the bottle. If you have ingredients pooling up in the funnel, just move the funnel from side to side a little to let air escape from the bottle opening.

hand placing a mini funnel into the mouth of a small blue glass bottle to make DIY poo-pourri toilet spray

2. Add Alcohol

Add the isopropyl alcohol. If you’d prefer not to use rubbing alcohol, you can substitute vodka (note: I haven’t actually tested this myself yet).

hand pouring isopropyl alcohol into the mouth of a blue glass bottle

3. Add Dish Soap

Add the dish soap. I’m using blue dawn because that’s what I have, but you can use any dish soap or substitute vegetable glycerin.

blue dish soap being poured into a funnel into a spray bottle to make Poo-pourri toilet spray

4. Add Fragrance Oil

Add about 20 drops of your favorite natural fragrance oil. I’m using Muddled Mint & Citron from Makesy (formerly The Wooden Wick Co.). This is a good clean-smelling bathroom scent, and my favorite for toilet spray and bathroom cleaners.

hand holding a small bottle of "muddled mint & citron" fragrance oil
fragrance oil being poured into a blue glass spray bottle using a small funnel

5. Add Distilled Water

Fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water, leaving enough space for the spray top and straw.

distilled water being poured into a small blue glass spray bottle to make DIY poo-pourri

6. Replace Lid & Shake

Replace the lid and shake well to combine all the ingredients.

hand placing the lid on a blue glass bottle of poo-pourri
hand shaking a small spray bottle

7. Add Label

I’m using these chalkboard sticker labels. Any label will work, but I like to be sure it’s waterproof and oil-proof. Paper labels tend to get gross-looking over time since there’s oil in the bottle.

round chalkboard sticker labels with a white paint pen
hand placing a round chalkboard sticker label onto a blue glass spray bottle
glass spray bottle of DIY Poo-Pourri toilet spray
Yield: 2 oz

DIY Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Make this quick and easy DIY Poo-Pourri style toilet spray with just four simple ingredients! It makes a great gift or use it in your own home!


  • mini funnel


  1. Place the funnel in the top of the bottle.
  2. Add alcohol.
  3. Add dish soap or glycerin.
  4. Add fragrance oil.
  5. Add distilled water.
  6. Replace lid & shake.
  7. Add label.

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