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Kids Desk Chair Ikea Hack

These Marius Ikea stools are perfect for a kids desk chair Ikea hack! This easy and inexpensive project takes the stools from “meh” to “wow”!

Ikea Stool Hack: Ikea Marius stool painted purple and gold with a stuffed lamb sitting on it

The little ladies had their hearts set on desks in their new boho bedroom makeover. They were angling for fancy rolling swivel chairs, but my room budget was wearing a bit thin by this point, and it was time for something cheap and creative. Enter the $6 IKEA Marius stool!

I actually drove all the way down to Ikea specifically for these. Now the cost of the project is only about $15 for one stool, and 20 for two… unless you count all the money I spent at Ikea on unrelated things…

Watch The New Video Tutorial:

These Ikea Marius stools go with the DIY floating desks we built for the girls. You can see the desks tutorial here!

Let’s get to it!

here’s what you’ll need:

how to make over a kids desk chair

1. paint the seat

plastic top of an Ikea Marius stool sitting on a piece of cardboard, ready to be spray painted

I found a big piece of cardboard in my garage to use as a dropcloth. Anytime I spray paint anything, I shake the can well, then move back and forth, overshooting the sides of the piece. This is to make sure that extra paint doesn’t build up on the sides and cause drips.

Ikea stool seat being spray painted bright purple

2. paint the stool legs

I used gold spray paint. If I did it again, I would choose a slightly more metallic gold, since this one is a little bit dull.

ikea stool legs sitting on a piece of old plywood and ready to be spray painted

3. Assemble ikea marius stool

Use the directions to assemble the Marius stool. It should just take a few minutes to screw it all together.

kids desk chair made from an Ikea stool sitting in from of a desk

and your kids’ desk chairs are finished!

That’s it! Super easy, right?

Marius Stool Ikea Hack: kids desk chair ikea stool painted bright purple with gold legs

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