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Modern Painted Pumpkins: DIY Fall Decor

These gold leaf painted pumpkins are a fun and easy DIY Fall decor project, perfect for centerpieces, mantels, weddings, and more!

Gold Leaf Painted White Pumpkins: four white pumpkins with modern patterns against a white backdrop

I’m currently obsessed with gold leaf paint. So of course, I had to try it on white pumpkins for Fall! This project was so simple, it only took about five minutes. Let’s get started!

DIY Fall Decor: Here’s What you’ll need:

supplies to paint pumpkins for Fall decor- white faux pumpkin, gold leaf paint, small paintbrush, and masking tape against a black background

how to make gold leaf painted pumpkins

This project is so simple, I doubt you’ll even need instructions. But just in case…

1. plan your pumpkin design

2. shake Up your gold leaf paint

This gold leaf paint has some red pigment in it that will separate out and look ugly if you don’t shake it up every once in a while. I learned this the hard way with a kintsugi coasters project.

3. paint your design

I started at the top and went around the stem, then worked my way down from there. I just made rings of simple short lines with the paintbrush.

white pumpkin being painted with gold leaf paint for Fall decor ideas
hand holding a white painted pumpkin with gold leaf painted lines

4. Let the top of the pumpkin dry

hand holding a white pumpkin with a gold paint pattern for Fall decor ideas

Once you get close to the bottom of the pumpkin, you may need to turn it over and hold it by the stem to finish the design. Better yet, let the top half dry for an hour, and then turn it over to finish.

5. Paint the bottom of the pumpkin

That’s it!

wood mantel with white painted pumpkins, gold candlesticks, and a pinecone
fall decor ideas for the mantel- wood mantel with painted pumpkins and pine cones
close-up of white painted pumpkin with gold leaf lines

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