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8 Ikea Alex Desks You Need to See!

These Ikea Alex desk ideas will inspire you for your own home office. From corner desks to closet offices, to long desks with multiple workstations.

8 Brilliant Ikea Alex Desk Ideas: corner desk with an Alex drawer unit

What Is The Ikea Alex Drawer Unit?

Ikea Alex drawer units are probably my all-time favorite Ikea products. I can’t even tell you how many home office designs I’ve used them in.

Ikea Alex drawer unit with a file drawer

Why are they so fabulous, you ask? Well they provide storage and support a desk top of whatever length and shape you’d like. And I especially like the version with the file drawer at the bottom (see photo above).

Most of us don’t need huge file cabinets in our home offices anymore because so many records are digital. But it’s still handy to have a drawer for file storage.

Alex Closet Office

This small office fits into a closet-like nook in a small one-bedroom apartment. The entire desk setup cost around $120. This is also one of my go-to task chairs for clients who need to be at their desks for hours at a time.

closet office with an Ikea Alex desk and a blue task chair

Alex Corner Desk

I just moved to a new house, so here’s a sneak peek at my brand new home office/design studio. The Alex drawer unit on the end is perfect for storing supplies and I love the file drawer at the bottom! I’m also a big fan of this desk chair.

corner desk with an Alex unit, floating shelves, and plants

Alex Closet Office

Ikea Alex Desks With Multiple Workstations

Some of the best Alex desks incorportate multiple drawer units to support a longer desk.

Homeschool Room Desk

My dad and I built this long Ikea Alex desk for our homeschool room at my old house. The Alex drawers were perfect for school supplies and paperwork, and the long desk top gave us plenty of workspace. You can see the full Ikea desk tutorial here, and the homeschool room tour here.

Feminine Ikea Alex Desk

I absolutely love this gorgeous feminine home office from Carmen at Living Letter Home. She used three navy drawer units to support a butcher block desk top, creating two workstations.

Laura from Inspiration for Moms created this gorgeous long home office desk with 4 Alex drawer units.

I hope that gives you some great inspiration for your own home office!

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  1. What tabletop/desk system did you use for the ALEX corner desk and are those the same as what you used in your design studio reveal post also?

  2. These are great! Do you have any instructions on how you do the curved corner desk? That would be perfect for my home office!

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