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15 Fake Plants That Will Fool Anyone!

An interior designer shares her favorite budget-friendly and artificial plants and trees available online.

Fake Indoor Plants That Look Real! Collage of modern houseplants on a white background

Are Fake Plants Tacky?

News flash! Faux plants are OKAY now. Yes. You read that right. Not just okay, they’re making a huge style comeback, and it’s my opinion that every room needs at least three indoor plants. Real indoor plants are great, but not everyone (myself included!) has time to care for them.

The solution? Fake plants! And no, they absolutely don’t have to look tacky. The key is finding the most realistic ones you can. I’ve tried many different brands of artificial plants, both for clients and in my own home.

modern fireplace with several different realistic artificial plants on the mantel and an end table

I use plants, occasionally real, but usually fake, in pretty much every space I design- even bathrooms and kids’ rooms!. You can check out my best tips for decorating with plants HERE.

home office with faux plants in pencil cups

The secret to choosing realistic artificial plants is generally to see them in person. But sometimes that’s not possible. Especially right now when most of us are doing less in-person shopping.

child working at a desk with artificial plants in the foreground and on the desk

So I’m giving you a list of my favorite go-to artificial indoor plants. These are all plants that I have in my own home, I’ve used in client’s homes, or at the very least I’ve seen and felt them in person, so I can vouch for their quality. I’ll continue to add to this list as my collection grows.

You can see many of them in the photos below as well.

Tall Artificial Plants And Trees

I love to use large fake plants because they make a big style statement. Plus they’re perfect for bare corners and awkward spots in your home that just need something. My go-to big plants are below

Medium-Sized Indoor Plants

Many people end up purchasing a lot of really small plants. After all, these are generally the least expensive. But I recommend mixing it up and getting plants in different sizes.

These medium-sized faux plants are perfect for adding height to a grouping of items on your mantel or the top of a bookshelf or end table.

I’m especially loving this gorgeous orchid from Nearly Natural! It’s one of the most realistic faux plants I’ve ever seen. And isn’t it so pretty? It makes me want to decorate for Spring!

Small Fake Plants

And of course last are the small-sized faux plants, perfect for windowsills, bookshelves, desks, and anywhere else you can find a spot!

Where To Find High-Quality Artificial Plants

I’ve just recently discovered Nearly Natural, and from what I’ve seen, their plants are beautiful and very realistic, like the purple orchid above. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

I’ve also been very impressed with most of Target’s faux plants in the past couple of years. I also really like a lot of Ikea’s plants- especially the smaller ones mentioned above. But their larger artificial plants are hit and miss. I recommend looking at those ones in person.

ladder shelf decorated with books and artificial hanging plants

Do you have a favorite faux (or real) indoor plant? Tell me about it in the comments! I would love to add to this list!

The Best Faux Indoor Plants: collage of artificial plants on a white background

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white bookshelf with several different indoor plants on the shelves

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diy indoor vertical garden with artificial plants

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close-up of succulent in grey pot with white stripes

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  1. I love all the plants you have listed here. I am not a green thumb type of girl. I like the thought of having it green without having to work with them. If you purchase a nice plant it could look like a real live plant.

    1. Thanks Terrie! Absolutely! I’m definitely in a stage of life where I’m looking for fewer things to maintain and mess with all the time! Go for faux!

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