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DIY Wax Melts: 12 Easy Recipes

These simple DIY wax melts will make your home smell amazing and they make great gifts too! Use soy, paraffin or even beeswax.

12 Wax Melt Recipes; collage of DIY wax melts- gingerbread men, Fall leaves, gummy bears, hearts, Christmas trees, and more.

How To Make DIY Wax Melts

Scented wax melts are fun and easy to make. They make fabulous gifts that people can actually use, and they’ll make your house smell amazing! These simple wax melt projects all work off of the same basic recipe, but each one has a couple of variations. We’ll start with the basic recipe, tools, and instructions.

Most of these recipes were developed to use a 10ml sample-sized bottle of fragrance oil.



1. Measure the Wax

overhead view of large glass measuring cup of soy wax flakes

Measure onw cup of soy wax flakes into a microwave-safe bowl or glass measuring cup.

2. Melt the Wax

Melt the wax in the microwave in 1-minute intervals, pulling it out to stir it each time. The target temperature is 185 degrees if you want to add color to the wax, or 170 degrees if you don’t.

glass measuring cup of melted soy wax
digital meat thermometer taking the temperature of melted soy wax to make DIY wax melts

3. Add Wax Dye

Add a pinch of wax dye chips and stir. Remember that the soy wax will be opaque once it cools, so the end color will be lighter than when it’s liquid.

hand holding a container of pink wax dye chips over a glass measuring cup of melted soy wax

If the wax dye doesn’t melt right away, you may need to pop the wax back into the microwave for 20 or 30 seconds more.

dark pink wax dye melting into a bowl of melted soy wax
fork stirring a bowl of red melted soy wax

4. Add Fragrance Oil

Be sure the temperature is down to 170 degrees before adding the fragrance oil, and stir well.

fragrance oil being poured into a bowl of hot wax

5. Fill Molds

Use a plastic eye dropper to fill the cavities in the wax mold. If you have a mold with larger cavities, you may be able to pour the wax instead.

hand using a plastic eye dropper t suck up hot wax to fill a silicone wax mold
eye dropper filling a flamingo-shaped wax mold with hot soy wax

6. Let It Cool

The the wax cool completely. This may take an hour or two, depending on the size of the molds.

7. Remove Wax from Molds

Carefully pop the wax melts out of the mold.

cooled wax melts being popped out of a silicone mold

Lilac Soy Wax Melts

These beautiful floral wax melts make lovely gifts and they smell amazing!

overhead view of a wax melter with two square lilac wax melts
Lilac Wax Melts: infographic with lilac scented wax melt supplies and recipe


  • Soy Wax
  • Purple Dried Flower Petals (I love the variety in this set from Amazon)
  • Lilac & Mimosa Fragrance Oil, from Makesy
  • Square Wax Melt Mold


Follow the basic wax melt directions above, omitting the wax dye. Whenever you add inclusions to wax melts, you need to pour the wax in two phases in order to keep the inclusions (in this case the dried flowers) at the top where you’ll be able to see them.

Start by filling the mold 3/4 of the way, leaving enough wax in the bowl to fill them the rest of the way later. Let the wax cool completely, but don’t put it in the fridge.

Once the wax has hardened in the mold, re-heat the remaining wax in the microwave, being sure not to heat it above 170 degrees. Then fill the molds the rest of the way. While the top layer of wax is still hot, sprinkle dried flower petals into it.

square wax mold partially filled with soy wax melts and dried flowers

Strawberry Belini Wax Melts

These fun melts are perfect for summer and I love this scent!

strawberry and melon shaped wax melts in pink and orange
Strawberry Belini Wax Melts recipe card



Follow the basic recipe, but separate the wax into two glass containers and add pink and red wax dye to one bowl and orange to the other, and add one teaspoon of fragrance oil to each bowl.

DIY Wax Melts for Summer

hot pink flamingo-shaped was melts on a wood background



Follow the basic recipe above. You’ll need to add a few pinches of wax dye if you want your flamingos to be bright pink like these ones. Here’s the tutorial.

Peppermint Stripe Wax Melts

You can see the tutorial for these fun striped wax melts here.

overhead view of a glass jar of red and white striped square DIY wax melts with candy canes in the background


DIY Christmas Tree Wax Melts

Christmas tree wax melts
Christmas Tree Wax Melts: recipe infographic for green Christmas tree scented wax melts



Follow the basic recipe above. If you want to make different shades of green, separate your wax into a few bowls and add different amounts of the same dark green wax dye to each one.

DIY Pumpkin Spice Scented Wax Melts

pumpkin spice scented wax melts with a scented candle and pumpkin spice latte



You can see the full tutorial for these pumpkin spice wax melts here.

Apple Cider Wax Melts

These multi-colored leaf-shaped wax melts smell just like hot apple cider simmering on the stove.

leaf-shaped soy wax melts on a wood background
Fall Wax Melts: infographic with recipe for apple cider scented fall wax melts



Follow the basic recipe above, but separate the soy wax into three one-third-cup portions before melting it in the microwave. Then add red to one, orange to another, and yellow to the third bowl.

Add 1/3 of the fragrance oil to each bowl of colored wax. Use an eye dropper to fill parts of each leaf mold, and then fill the other parts with the other colors so that they blend from one color to another.

Beeswax Wax Melts

wax warmer with beeswax wax melts and beeswax candles



You can see the tutorial for these lovely beeswax wax melts here.

Easy Orange Clove Soy Wax Melts

close up of orange clove scented wax melts
Orange Clove Wax Melts: recipe card for



Follow the direction above to mix the wax with the fragrance oil. Fill the cavities in the mold almost to the top, and let it cool completely. Re-heat the remaining wax and use an eye dropper to fill the cavities to the top, just one or two at a time. Sprinkle in bits of dried orange peel and cloves. Then let it cool.

Gummy Bear Wax Melts

hand removing green gummy bear shaped wax melts from a silicone mold
Gummy Bear Wax Melts recipe card



This recipe is the same as the one above, except it uses paraffin wax instead of soy. I prefer to melt paraffin in a double-boiler. Here’s my tutorial for wax melts using paraffin.

Candy Cane Wax Melts

round white candy cane scented wax melts with bits of crushed candy cane on top



You can find the instructions for these fun candy cane wax melts here.

Gingerbread Wax Melts

gingerbread man scented wax melts next to cinnamon sticks and a gingerbread shaped silicone mold
Gingerbread Wax Melts materials & ingredients



Follow the basic wax melt recipe above. Use an eye dropper to fill the gingerbread men mold. These are a little difficult to remove from the mold in one piece. I find it’s easiest to peel the mold away from the finished melts.

Sea Breeze Wax Melts

seashell shaped wax melts next to a shell wax mold



Follow the basic recipe above, but omit the wax colorant to get white seashells.

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