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Modern Closet Office Reveal!

Turn a closet into a small home office nook! This modern “cloffice” features several clever Ikea office ideas and hacks, and easy DIY projects.

Modern Home Office in a Closet!: modern "cloffice" with black and white accent wall, black Ikea desk, Alex drawer unitl, and gold accents, and plants

I’ve been working on our TV room/Peter’s home office for the past month since we’ve all been housebound. And this past week, I booted him out of his office so I could give it a refresh. And it’s finally finished. I can’t wait to show it to you!

I know a lot of you are newly working from home. And that can be really tough when you don’t have a dedicated workspace. So I wanted to get this post out there ASAP, in case it helps some of you come up with solutions for your own home offices.

The Closet Before It Was An Office…

This is the closet we started with… as you can see we removed the sliding doors and they’re stowed safely in the garage. This is a very wide closet that could probably accomodate 2 workstations. There’s no way we could work in the same room. But I’ve seen many successful “cloffices” in much smaller closets.

In fact, I’ve got a nice fat Pinterest board full of closet office ideas if you want to check it out! Ya work with what you’ve got!

before: empty closet before it became a DIY closet office

The Accent Wall

I gave the inside of the closet a fresh coat of white paint (BEHR Ultra Pure White) and painted a fun accent wall to go behind the desk. You can get the tutorial HERE.

The Ikea Desk

We had to get creative and do a bit of good old-fashioned Ikea hacking to get the desk to fit into the closet, which is only 20 inches deep. More details on exactly what we did coming soon! If you have questions, ask in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP!

We used an ALEX drawer unit to support the desk on the left side- and to provide some storage.

stylish masculine closet office with small home office desk from Ikea

The Printer shelf

We needed a spot for the printer/scanner, and since this closet extends past the opening, we decided to make a DIY shelf for it. It’s up and out of the way, but easily accessible too.

Lighting A Closet Office

It was a bit dark inside this closet office… after all, it is (or was) a closet. So we added two wall-mounted corded light fixtures. We’ve had these for a while, and I just gave them a quick makeover with metallic gold spray paint.

Here are my top picks for budget-friendly desk lights!

Ikea home office ideas packed into a closet office with Linnmon, Alex, Kvissle, and more.

Desk Accessories

I gave this KVISSLE wall-mounted file sorter from Ikea a makeover with black spray paint- and labeled it with a white paint pen. I love these things! I actually have 5 of them in my house! The Command Center and the Kids Desks both have them too.

Are you thinking about making a closet office? Tell me about it in the comments!

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    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks! I’m working on a post about the desk details… In the meantime, I’ll e-mail you some links & pictures of the setup.

      1. I’m just now renovating my own space and ran across this today. Do you have a link to the desk? I have drawers I can use, but what’s best for the desktop? Any additional details and instructions would be great – perhaps I’m just not seeing them at this point? The printer shelf that’s mentioned? Lighting? My room itself is small so the mounted tv will be great for the treadmill in there. I’m also hoping for a comfy chair for watching tv or reading. Any suggestions are most welcome!
        Thanks so much!

        1. Hi Julie,
          I used the Ikea Linnmon desk top, but had to cut it down a bit to fit into the closet. Here’s a desk top tutorial for a similar desk I built if you want to build your own: And unfortunately I’ve moved since doing this project so I can’t take a picture of the printer shelf for you. But it was a wall-mounted wood shelf tucked back on the right side tucked inside the closet. For lighting, I used wall-mounted task lights that plug in. They’re gold and not very big but there are two- one on either side of the desk. Good luck with your project!

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